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Rage (standard:horror, 2530 words)
Author: KittykatAdded: Oct 28 2005Views/Reads: 3284/2004Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A creature is created in a deep dark lab. Will its creator regret what they have done. Only time will tell.


Dr. Morgan look on with fascination at his newest creature.  It had
taken him many years, dabbling with the mixing of animal dna and human 
dna to produce the creature that stood before him.  Now that he had the 
process figured out, he realized that it would not take long to create 
more of his creatures.  Before him stood a young woman, or at least 
what seemed like a young woman.  One would never know that there was 
anything different about her unless they saw her eyes.  Eyes that were 
deep purple streaked with red.  You could almost mistake her for an 
ordinary teenage girl, but, Dr. Morgan knew better.  He had already had 
to move her to a new room when she broke through the walls of the old 
one and almost escaped.  He also knew that at night the horror of his 
new creature became more evident when it grew wings and was able to 
fly.  The perfect combination of vampire bat dna and human dna has 
allowed him to create a human vampire, even though some might say it 
was more of a gargoyle. 

Suddenly there was a crash and glass flew in all directions.  The
creature lunged through the observation window that minutes before Dr. 
Morgan has been looking through.  She had noticed her watching him and 
that had angered her, allowing her to transform even though night was 
far off.  Unbeknownst to Dr. Morgan, the creature always had its wings 
available, it has just grown capable of hiding them from view, waiting 
for the right time to reveal its secret.  Dr. Morgan gasped as her cold 
fingers closed around his throat. 

"Oh my God, no," he started to protest, but was silenced by the
tightening of her grip. 

'It has been awhile since you have fed me doctor," she said is a voice
that chilled him to the bone.  "Since I am not in the mood to wait for 
supper, I am going to have to make due with what is available." 

"No, you can't," Dr. Morgan screeched.  "I created you.  You need me to
survive.  You'll never make it on your own." 

"I'm tired of being your labratory experiment, doctor," she cried.  Dr.
Morgan could hear her anger in her voice.  "I'm sick of being watched 
all the time."  With these words she drew Dr. Morgan closer to her, 
ignoring the fact that he was struggling desperately in her grasp. 

"I've never tasted human blood before," she said with a wicked smile. 
"But, I have a feeling I am going to like it." 

Christian woke with a start, his pyjamas soaked with sweat, even though
his room was ice cold.  Taking a deep breath he tried to calm himself 
down enough to go back to sleep.  Every time he closed his eyes he say 
his dream.  The dream haunted his thoughts and would not let him sleep 
anymore that night.  He remember the dream vividly, like it has 
happened in real life.  In it he had been walking with his best friend 
Jamie when the sky above them darkened and a bone chilling screech 
filled the air.  He had glanced up in time to see what looked like a 
large bird, but, as it came closer he saw that it was some sort of 
creature that looked half human and half bat.  He had started to scream 
as the creature had swooped down out of the sky and landed beside him 
and Jamie.  The creature lunged at them.  That was the part where he 
always woke up.  The dream had him confused and frightened.  What did 
it mean, if anything. 

Mr. Wolber looked up from his newspaper at the strange young woman that
walked in to his shop. 

"Can I help you miss?", he asked. 

"Uh, yah.  I would like that please ," she said, pointing to a bottle of
red wine on the shelf behind him.  He slowly took down the bottle, 
feeling a sudden cumpulsion to do what she said, and passed it to her.  
She quickly opened the bottle and took a large drink.  With a look of 
disgust she spit the liquid on the floor and threw the bottle against 
the wall, causing red wine to splatter the counter and Mr. Wolber in 
the process. 

' What the..., what the hell do you think you're doing,"  Mr. Wolber
sputterd, grabbing her arm as she walked towards the door.  Quickly she 

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