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Tilly (standard:adventure, 5681 words)
Author: burkeAdded: Dec 05 2005Views/Reads: 3062/2385Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Tilly is a dog who thinks she is a human, even after she gets born. Learning the truth she escapes from her mistress' home, nearly dying in the attempt.


A Little Dog Who Thought She Was People 

This story is mostly true! 

Tilly had a thought. She took her time thinking it over. She had never
had such a thing before. Her little brain processed and then processed 
some more until she realized exactly what the thought was about. “I'm 
warm!” Then came more thoughts. “It’s dark, really dark!” Then she 
panicked. “Where am I? How did I get here?” She struggled around but 
couldn’t move. Well, maybe a little bit. Tilly relaxed as she began to 
feel sleepy again, being warm, comfortable, and most important, not 

When Tilly woke up a few hours later she was feeling seasick because her
place was being bumped up and down in a regular fashion, bump, bump, 
bump, as if her home was moving. “Ginger! Stop running around!” Said a 
loud voice. “Get back in your bed!” Then another voice said. “Maybe she 
needs to go outside for a pee or whatever.” A while later Tilly’s world 
stopped moving and the first voice said. “Good girl Ginger. It won’t be 
long now.” 

By now Tilly’s brain was overloaded with information. Not only was she
in the dark, warm, and not hungry, she had heard voices, voices 
seemingly speaking to whatever it was that she was inside of. Then, 
from nowhere came the thought. “My mother! That’s where I am, in my 
mother’s tummy! And I heard people voices.” Tilly spent quite a bit of 
time figuring that out, until, “my mommy is a people. That’s why they 
spoke to her. I didn’t hear her talk back but maybe mommy is shy. I'm 
going to be people! Hurray! I'll grow up to be tall and beautiful and 
smart and have a nice car and house and be rich and famous and...” Then 
Tilly fell asleep. 

There was a great rumbling sound and Tilly’s resting place bumped up and
down a few times. “Boy, thjat was scary.” Then it happened again. “Hey, 
what’s going on?”  A muffled voice said. “Ginger! You smell! Excuse 
yourself when you do that!” 

As Tilly grew bigger she noticed there were other babies near her.
“Great! There will be lots of people my size to play with when we get 
outta here.” 

Over the next few weeks Tilly’s space got crowded, as the babies grew
bigger. “Hey, stop crowding me! Get your foot out of my ear! Your 
snoring is giving me a headache.” Tilly thought to the others, until 
one of her brothers thought back at her. “Tough! Who do you think you 
are telling us what to do? Just you wait until we get out of here, then 
we’ll show you!” 

Then came the day Tilly had dreamed about. Somebody said, “we’d better
get Ginger to bed.. Looks like she’s ready.” 

Tilly heard all this. “Ready? You bet I’m ready! Let me out of here so I
can start being a people.” She pushed and shoved and elbowed her way to 
the head of the line. “C’mon everybody! Push, push. Let’s get this show 
on the road! Okay everybody, shove together.” 

Suddenly, things began to happen. There was a flood of water and Tilly
was carried along with it until she came to a slippery spot where she 
moved even faster. “Whee! This is fun. I hope mommy’s having fun too. 
Wonder if I could go back and do that again? Cool! “ 

Tilly landed in a heap with her brothers and sisters. “What’s happening
now? I’m cold. Wow! Is it ever cold! Hey, I want to go back where it’s 
warm. This isn’t funny anymore!” Then Tilly began to feel tired and 
almost fell asleep. “Oh, oh, can’t do that. I’m hungry. I better have 
lunch before I nap. 

After a few minutes of searching Tilly still hadn’t found the kitchen.”
Then she realized she was blind and began to panic “Help! I’m blind! 
Somebody call 911. Help! Wait –a- minute! When I was a baby ant I 
couldn’t see either. I guess when people get born they’re the same as 
ants. Stay cool, Tilly. It won’t be very long until we can see.” 

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