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A broken heart about to diminish to the dust of the world (standard:Inspirational stories, 783 words)
Author: SolacesAdded: Dec 30 2005Views/Reads: 2730/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Don't ever be too sure of the things you have. Value them! Or one day you'll lose them.

Below is a story of true occurrence. Please finish reading it,
especially students in your teens. Don't miss out those who really love 
you. Girlfriends and boyfriends will never last till the day you fully 
mature. It's a nature in which you will not understand, but trust 
adults when they say, “Study hard. Life is tough” I learnt it the hard 
way. Don't be like me. God bless you as you read this event. 

Life is a cycle, which keeps going on. Have we ever thought of the
vulnerabilities of life? 

Indeed, as glass breaks upon falling, life is gone as easily as glass.
We so often do not value the ones we have until we have really lost 
them or at least, close to losing them. 

I remembered the last Christmas Eve. As families would be most joyous to
have a Christmas lunch together, my family was too. I was beside the 
reflective wall scooping the rice. You see, we just received news that 
my dad was on his way home from work. Experience told us that he would 
be back in half an hour. 

My mum was busy at the kitchen cooking her specialty. My sister was
clearing the main table for the food. It wasn't long when we received a 
call. Upon picking up, the voice on the phone asked, “Are you related 
to Patrick?” Queer as it sounded, my quizzical sister tried to clarify 
the reason of the call. 

It was then, as she stood rooted beside the divider on which the phone
was, hot tears dripped across her face. Was she to believe the voice of 
this stranger? 

“I'm afraid your dad is lying on the road with blood dripping over. His
motorcycle is currently lying across the road and it's getting quite a 
crowd here.” Said the man on the phone. 

Wait! Don't let me go on. I want you to be able to feel exactly how the
situation was. I want you to picture your happiness in awaiting someone 
whom you're glad to meet, especially during an occasion. Just minutes 
from meeting, you receive news that your loved one would return to see 
his father in heaven or if blessed, become a crippled in life. It's 
exactly like getting a call now, hearing that someone if your family 
just passed away. *Period* 

We rushed down to the scene according to the description provided by the
stranger on the phone. To our greatest disappointment, the accident 
scene was barely 50 meters to our home. 

We saw there strewn on the floor was my dad. He had blood sipping out
for his head and legs. He lied in an awkward manner; normal humans 
would not be able to impose on themselves. There, I saw the tears from 
his eyes and the screen on his watch, shattered. The feeling is like 
taking a stone and throwing it right towards a most priced piece of 
glass. Once gone, never to be retrieved again. 

Today, I live to tell the tale. Not a tale of false story, but a tale or
true events. I now reside in the same home. I met my brother whom I put 
before myself. I go through sufferings and sacrifices to give him all 

While most of those around me label me as queer for not caring for
myself. I can only say that I have lost once. I won't want to lose 

Unfortunate for me, this brother whom I have always regarded as dearest
in my life has taken a sudden turn towards my relationship with him. 
Now he scolds and reprimands me over the little things in life. 

The latest was when I sat by him while he was in fever and tended to his
illness. He got a call and was frustrated. I asked him in greatest 
concern, “why?” he replied, “ I don't know” I asked him again, “Who 
called you?” and he replied, “It's none of your business” On the second 
day of my tending, he got well. On the third he left home without a 
word of thanks. He didn't even speak to me until today. 

Would anyone please shed some light in to my life. The hurt I now face.
All above are written in facts and nothing displaced. I find no reason 
why I be scolded for asking him who called him. Especially when I 
stayed beside him for hours tending to his sickness. 

My brother is 15 and I am 19. I hope caring readers out there can
understand my first lost and now, I'm about to face my second. In me I 
hold now, the lowest morale, lowest faith and lowest believe. 

God bless you. 


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