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Will You Be My Valentine? (standard:romance, 711 words)
Author: dats*preetsAdded: Jan 24 2006Views/Reads: 3523/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Ever wanted to ask some one the Questions - 'Will you be my Valentine?'....well read on....

Will You Be My Valentine? 

Clutching an envelope adorned with a red heart and the text ‘Will you be
my Valentine?', I started to take out the keys to my boyfriend's 
apartment from my purse. Valentine's Day was just 24 hours away and I 
could wait no more to surprise my boyfriend with the out & out romantic 
escapade I had planned for tomorrow. 

While inserting the key in the keyhole, I could hear soft music playing
on his boom box. My heartbeat paced up thinking that even my boyfriend 
was in a mushy mood. Never would he have though that my business trip 
to New York was just an excuse to plan the Big Day, our very first 
Valentine's Day! 

With one crisp turn of the key the main door opened and I ran in and
shouted,” SURPRISE!” in an excited tone. It was a surprise indeed, more 
so for him than me. I had just caught him with another woman doing the 
slow romantic dance, on his pre-valentine date. I froze on the spot, 
mind twirling with thoughts like, ‘Why me?';  ‘Didn't he love me the 
way I loved him?'; ‘Was he just pretending to be in love with me?';  
‘Am I not good enough?'......... 

This woman seemed like a pretty young thing, but from the dumb blonde
varieties. Blonde she was, but not naturally, it was all thanks to hair 
colours we get now a days. They both stopped the dance and he said he 
could explain, but I wasn't listening. I was trembling. Tears swelled 
in my eyes and amongst the flood of my tears, I yelled, “It's all over 
now, you cheat!” and without bothering to hear an explanation, I headed 
straight out of the door and to my best friends house. 

Fuming and heart broken, I narrated the whole episode to her. I should
have believed her when she told me that my boyfriend was dating another 
girl in my absence, but I was madly in love with him to even try and 
believe her words. I was hoping he would call, but he didn't. This made 
me conclude that the phrase ‘Will you be my valentine?' was cursed for 

Flushed with hurt, anger, tears and a feeling of not getting back love
from the one I loved, I fell asleep. I slept like crazy, no dreams, no 
distractions, only to wake up to the sound of the song ‘ I'll be there 
for you...'. Groaning I sat up in my friends bed only to find out my 3 
best friends holding up a banner that read – ‘Will you be my 
Valentine?' – the same line which I was dying to ask my boy friend, 
ex-boyfriend I should say. They handed me card that said - 

You are beautiful 

No matter what he thinks 

Love will find you 

Your life doesn't stink. 

Think of your love 

As a mistake to a fake 

Dreams await you 

A new life you can make. 

Your friends are with you 

So bid the past adieu 

We are your lifeline 

& On this Valentine's Day 

We are asking you- 

‘Will you be our Valentine?' 

Reading these positive and touchy words, I smiled for the first time
since yesterday. Tears filled my eyes but this time the tears were out 
of joy and relief to realize that people do love me. The heartbreak was 
still fresh in my mind because it had just taken place a mere 24 hours 
ago. But I was cheerful enough to give each of my friends a bear and my 
reply that I would love to be their Valentine. 

So what if I didn't have a boyfriend, I still going to spend Valentine's
Day with my loved ones who just happen to be my best friends & not my 
boyfriend. Trying not to think about my Ex, my girlfriends and I 
partied all day long, exchanged gifts and basically had a ball. This 
Valentine's Day was bittersweet, but definitely worth the experience. 

Now I tell everyone I meet that believe me, ‘Will you be my valentine?'
is a magical question, a question you can ask just about anyone you 
love. So like me; forget heart breaks and mistake to fakes and 
celebrate this eternal emotion of LOVE! 


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