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The Angel of the Window (youngsters:fairy tales, 10321 words)
Author: LorenAdded: Jan 26 2006Views/Reads: 4802/3411Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Luxia, a lost Angel in a lonesome heaven, journeys through the many wonderous heavenly cosmos with her friend, Corbett, in order to reach a glorious Window in the sky, which is said to lead to the most beautiful of all heavens.

The Angel of the Window 

The small angel floated amongst the world of the Stars and the Moon. The
nightly heavenly bodies shown serenely in the dim, blue world all 
around. And though she knew it was all around her she almost never 
opened her eyes to see it. She spent most of her time with her face in 
her hands, crying. 

She was a most beautiful angel. Her long hair was a shiny, glimmering,
silvery blue, and glistened like bright moonlight on the ocean. She 
wore a beautiful, white dress that shone with luminosity. Perhaps her 
dress's light came from something else, as the moon gets its light from 
the sun.  Her eyes were bright, glowing blue, yet not quite blue. Not a 
color seen ever on Earth, but it was a most gorgeous color, and would 
have reminded anyone of the color blue. 

Her wings had long, snow-white feathers, and they sometimes shone a hint
of rainbow in the light they reflected. And over her head, the angel 
had a most beautiful star. It was small, compared to the stars that 
were huge and far away. The star over her head was about the size of 
two of her fists put together,  and it shone brilliantly in white light 
and hints of rose, purple, green, blue, silver, and other unearthly 

All of the angel's radiant beauty made it so difficult to tell she was
sad. If one were to look upon her now, her beauty might confuse him for 
just a moment before he realized she was crying. And even when she was 
crying she did not look nearly as sad as she truly was. 

After she was finished crying she slowly lifted her head out of her
hands and revealed her young, pure face. She looked up at the stars 
around her, and some below her, and even down at the mysterious, dim 
surface below that stretched out as far as she could see. She looked 
almost quite peaceful, but it was clear in her expression that she 
longed for something, as she floated in the world of the Stars and the 

She felt the cool, serene air on her face, looked out on the stars and
the bright pale moon. 

Then she looked out to a strange, but magnificent light shining a little
ways off, and wished she could go there. She had tried many times 
before to go to the light, but she never could. She was stuck in the 
world of night. Luxia, the crying angel, bowed her head and kneeled 
perfectly in the air, in quiet sadness. 

When she looked up again, her eyes caught sight of a large, silhouetted
mountain, seeming to stand up from the dark surface below. It looked 
like a comfortable place to walk and sit on for while, so she flew 
quietly to it, her dress flowing in the air, as she softly rode the 

Once she set foot of the mountain, however, she realized it was soft and
feathery. She was puzzled. 

Suddenly the mountain moved! A big, black shape rose up in front of her,
and a round, shiny eye looked at her. 

“Oh, my!” exclaimed Luxia, her glowing eyes wide. It was the head of a
seagull! A giant seagull, with black and gray feathers. 

The enormous beast looked at her more closely. Luxia saw her terrified
reflection in its shiny, dark eye. 

But then, to her surprise it's eye blinked with some benevolent, yet
cunning expression and he suddenly appeared very kind. 

“An angel?” the bird said. “I didn't know there were still angel's in
the Night World.” 

The angel was rather shaken by such a surprising meeting. The most
suitable things she could think to do was to bow. “I'm the only one as 
far as I know,” she said. “I'm stuck here.” 

The seagull shook his head. “That is sad, indeed,” he said. “But the

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