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The Mysteries of Time: The Chamber (standard:adventure, 695 words)
Author: AnonymousAdded: Feb 05 2006Views/Reads: 3414/2Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Erin Katherine Thompson didn't want to live in a new home. She missed her old friends and her old school. The town was so boring! But when she found the chamber, everything changed.

Erin K. Thompson looked gloomily out into the rain.  The sky was a dark
grey, and the sidewalk was black with mud.  "There's nothing happening 
today." She thought. "Gosh, this town is boring!" 

Erin, a girl about the age of 12, was new in Montgomery.  She had loved
Beckly and her friends there, but when her dad got a new job as a 
Valley High School Band Director they had to move here.  The kids at 
Erin's school were nice and all, but Erin missed dance classes and her 
best friend Kaya. 

"If you're bored Erin, I've heard old houses like these usually have
secret passages." 

Erin lifted her head and turned around.  Her sister, Haleigh, had a
sucker in her hand, and a smile on her face.  She wore her hair up and 
had on a t-shirt, shorts, and soccer gear.  She was breathing heavily, 
a sign that she had been practicing for the spring tournament.  Haleigh 
was also covered from head to foot in mud. 

" Have you been reading my mystery books again?" Erin asked. 

Haleigh shrugged her shoulders and left the room with a frown, but her
eyes were dancing with laughter.  Erin, inspired by her sister, ran up 
the stairs into the lounge. 

The house they were living in had two floors, but no real basement or
attic.  The lounge was where they had left their unpacked stuff. 

Then Erin saw exactly what she was searching for.  Right behind the old
grandfather clock was a crack in the wall.  Erin excitedly proceeded to 
do what people had done in all of her mystery stories.  She felt along 
the wall behind the grandfather clock. 

Erin had struck a spring, and the wall began to open.  Erin watched in
amazement as the old clock slid out of place to reveal a damp, dark 
tunnel.  Without thinking, she leaped into it. 

It appeared to be a mysterious cave with ancient writing.  Though Erin
could not read it, she knew it must be written in Braille. 

"Maybe I can find something on Braille in my room." She said, and turned
to walk back into the room.  Then she froze.  Instead of an empty room, 
there was an exact image of herself walking into the tunnel. 

Erin, being a very curious girl, prodded the image.  It felt like
rubber, but moved very similar to water.  Afraid she might not make it 
through the image, Erin turned and ran through the passage. 

In each aisle, there was an image that had similar properties of the one
of Erin's room.  Each one was like a moving photograph in slow motion.  
One image looked like it was from the 1800's.  Another was of a 
pterodactyl flying over its nest. 

Suddenly, it came to her; These were portals through time. 
Disappointment leaked from every wall in the Time Chamber as Erin 
realized she did not know how to use the portals. 

Then she thought of something.  Maybe the code on the walls was a clue. 
She could find a book on Braille and translate the transcript. 

"Oh, I wish I knew where the portal back home was." She said, as it
dawned on her that she was lost in this giant chamber. 

The chamber must have somehow known what she wanted.  The walls around
Erin quickly began to shift.  She didn't dare move, for the fear that 
she may get hit by the walls. 

Then, right in front of her, was the portal.  Pulling a pen and scrap
piece of paper out of her pocket, she wrote down all of the symbols on 
the wall next to her, and stepped through the image, hoping she would 
come back out. 

She was in her room.  Erin was beginning to wonder if it had been a
dream.  Then she saw the piece of paper in her hand with the message on 
it.  She turned to take one last look at the portal again, but it was 
gone.  Upset, she sat at her desk and began to decode the message on 
her paper.  Two hours later she came up with this message: 

The Time Chamber need only be called upon and commanded.


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