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The Gift (standard:romance, 289 words)
Author: katie roseAdded: Sep 12 2000Views/Reads: 4521/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A glance at love.

The Gift by katie rose 

Copyright 2000 

She sat across the room from him, hugging her knees to her chest as she
sat on the pillows. With him, yet in another world. Wrapped in the 
white fluffy robe he had so lovingly purchased for her on their first 
night together, she observed yet didn't intrude. 

She watched as his fingers slid back and forth across the strings. One
hand gently plucking while the other moved of it's own accord. The 
sound was soulful, magical. His head bent, he studied his movements, 
lost within the rhythm he alone could hear in his head and his entire 
body flowed with the creation. While he didn't know it, this was the 
true gift she wanted to receive. To know him like no one else. Within 
his own element, in the seclusion of the music room he was not 
pressured to be what everyone expected him to be, but to just be 

This is the way she loved him. This was the man that had brought about
such a change in her life. They had both gone to such distances to get 
to each other. To be just what each other had needed, had longed for 
forever. The feeling of comfort and excitement, both flowing at the 
same time. To know just what each other desired with a look. 

"Just what do you have?" they would ask, and all she could do was smile.

"Was it worth all of the changes?" they would ask, and he would smile

No words were needed. 

As if reading her thoughts he stilled his hands and looked up at her. "I
love you." 

And she smiled. 


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