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Silent Screams (standard:poetry, 111 words)
Author: Chris CraineAdded: Jul 07 2006Views/Reads: 3194/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Everyone has a dark side. Welcome to mine!

Shadows leap upon my soul. 

Ripping, tearing, beyond control. 

Silent screams, blood red sips. 

Out of control, at my fingertips. 

The stench of flesh peeling from the bone. 

Without my skin I am alone. 

Corpses, death and agony. 

Maggots writhing inside of me. 

Eating, devouring my hopes and dreams. 

Escapes my mouth, the silent screams. 

My own filth, it fills the air. 

Like an over ripe diaper and a parent who doesn't care. 

Help is pleaded, to an empty room. 

Fears and problems, certain doom. 

No answer comes from this dark hole. 

Silent screams, a suicidal goal. 

From our darkest bowels our guts are ripped. 

Fires of hell, our innocence dipped. 


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