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What I Know About Vampires (standard:horror, 1006 words)
Author: Ryan C.Added: Oct 13 2006Views/Reads: 3045/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Thursday, January 14th, 2006. My last day of work.

Thursday, January 14th, 2003 was my very last day of work.  I kept this
in mind as I walked inside the rotating doors, and pressed the button 
on the elevator that brought me to the 32nd floor.  The elevator doors 
opened and exposed the urban sprawl of cubicles that I hated so 
terrifically.  I worked as I stock broker.  The woman next to me worked 
as a stock broker, and the man next to her worked as a stock broker. 

As I stood in the elevator, a pretty girl walked by and waved at me.  I
couldn't bring myself to respond, I just froze in place until she 
passed.  I knew the truth about her.  I knew the truth about everyone.  
I made my way to my desk and sat down.  I subconsciously turned on my 
computer.  As the computer hummed to life I stared at it and wondered 
why I turned it on in the first place.  I didn't plan on using it.  
There were things that had to be done. 

I stood up and peeked over the wall of my workspace.  Everyone was
working like ants and pretending to be normal.  I knew better.  I 
reached under my desk and pulled out the brown duffel bag that I had 
planted there the day before.  The fact that I was allowed in the 
building this morning had told me that no one had checked its contents 
thus far.  I took one more cautionary look around, unzipped the bag, 
and took out the street clothes that I had placed on the top.  I 
discarded them.  Under the street clothes was an orange cape and I put 
that on. 

“What the hell are you doing?”  A scrawny little guy was standing behind
me and he looked as if he were about to laugh until I bared my teeth 
and hissed at him.  He left in a hurry. 

I reached further into the duffel bag and pulled out two Smith & Wesson
pistols.  I stuck the barrels into my belt and reached one more time 
into the bag.  The second time I pulled out a 12 gauge pump shotgun.  I 
ran my hands along the barrel and it felt good.  I filled my pockets 
with spare ammunition before I came to work this morning.  My heart was 
racing and I knew it was time to act.  I had been lucky already that no 
one had spotted my antics over the last 45 seconds.  I took a deep 
breath and walked out into the hall. 

I only had to move 10 paces before I turned into a cubicle on my left
and found my first target.  His name was Ben Bukowski and I knew for a 
fact that he was a vampire.  Two weeks ago I accidentally walked in on 
an intimate moment between him and some random woman in the break room. 
 I muttered an apology and was about to walk out when I noticed all the 
blood in Ben's mouth.  I screamed and he stared at me menacingly as I 
turned and ran.  That was the start of the whole mess. 

Ben was working on his computer and I tapped him on the shoulder.  As he
turned around I pointed the shotgun at his back and pulled the trigger. 
 His chest exploded forwards in a horrific geyser of blood and bone 
matter.  The hole was actually wide enough so that I could see his 
keyboard through his back and it held my attention momentarily. 

I snapped back to life and listened to the screams from all around me. 
I turned and saw that pretty girl who waved at me this morning.  Her 
mouth was open and, inexplicably, she was staring at my cape.  It came 
to me that I was blocking her view of the shotgun and what was left of 
Ben.  I stepped aside and her mouth opened even wider as she let loose 
a wonderfully high-pitched squeal.  I could clearly see her pointy 
vampire teeth sticking out past where normal human incisors should be.  
I whipped up the shotgun but she was quicker.  She disappeared down the 
hall and I never saw her again. 

I stepped out of the cubicle and looked around.  People were running in
every direction but the most popular direction seemed to be the stairs. 
 I made my way towards them and fired my second shot at a woman running 
ahead of me.  It hit her in the side, and she stumbled diagonally into 
the wall and fell. 

The room was emptying out fast, which meant I had to move quickly.  I
dropped the shotgun next to the woman and pulled the pistols out from 
my belt.  There was a large crowd of people trying to get through the 
door to the staircase in a hurry.  I fired three shots from each gun 
into the crowd and within seconds a pyramid began to form.  The weak 
and the small were being trampled to the bottom.  The strong and the 
quick were climbing over them and clawing at each other as they fought 
their way through the door. 

I didn't feel any pity for them, or regret for what I was doing.  They
were all vampires and they had tricked me for so long.  Once the world 
learned the truth about this building I would be regarded as a hero.  I 
kept firing into the crowd until both guns were empty and wondered how 
heroes reloaded two pistols at the same time in the movies.  I had to 
put them down one at a time. 

By the time they were ready there were only two people left in the room
jamming on the elevator button.  I took care of them quickly and walked 
over to the window to survey the situation in the streets below.  I 
could already hear sirens and I hoped the police would come soon to 
congratulate me.  I didn't want to risk going to any other floor until 
help came so I pulled up a chair and waited. 


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