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A Real Life Romance (standard:romance, 2133 words)
Author: ladydyAdded: Oct 25 2006Views/Reads: 3127/2034Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This is a story about a normal every day woman and what she goes through the first time she meets her Prince.

Don't ya just hate it when you read a romance book and all the women are
a size 2 with flowing blond hair and crystal blue eyes?  I know I do, 
but that seems to be the only way to get a story told.  That is why I 
keep telling everyone they are crazy when they tell me I need to tell 
my story.  I am not a size 2, I may have been a size 2 in Kindergarten, 
but not now!!  I am ----let's just say I am a double digit number size. 
 I don't have flowing blond hair and crystal blue eyes.  I have long 
brown hair and green eyes.  Actually when someone does notice me, they 
say my eyes are my most attractive feature.  It is really sad that more 
people don't take the time to see past my double digit size and see my 
eyes---but I digress, I will not even get on that soap box. 

I am a thirty-three year old single mother of a spoiled rotten eleven
year old daughter.  Yes, I am the “D” word.  People fear that word like 
they do the some rotten disease.  As far as I know the “D” word is not 
contagious.  If it is, I would like to thank the person who exposed me 
to the dreadful disease!!!  They helped me loose two hundred pounds of 
dead weight in less than a month!!!  Anyway, that is another story, for 
another time. 

I don't have a fabulous job.  I am a simple secretary for the
government.  When I was fourteen, I remember telling my mom that, “When 
I grow up, I am going to live in New York and be a secretary.  I am 
going to have a fabulous apartment.  I am going to have tons of 
friends.”  I know what your thinking---wow she had very low 
expectations.  If she is going to dream, why not dream about being a 
lawyer, doctor, judge, (remember, I am double digits, so model was not 
even in the running).  Well at that time, I thought a secretary would 
be very glamorous!  Boy, was I wrong.  It is at times the most boring 
job anyone could have, at other times, so busy that I can't see 
straight, but it pays the bills and gets the princess (the eleven year 
old daughter, not me) most of the things she wants, so I should not 
complain.  Let's see, did I make it to New York----NOPE!  I did make it 
to a tiny town in Alabama called Oxford.  I have never even made it 
above the mason-dixen line. 

I have two friends who are like my sisters.  Lisa is a stay at home mom
that I met when the princess decided she wanted to take ballet.  That 
lasted about a month, but hey, at least she tried.  Lisa has the 
“perfect” husband.  He dotes on her, spends time with his kids, makes a 
decent living.  Yea, it is alright to hate her.  I tell her I hate her 
at least twice a week.  She is probably the sweetest person I have ever 
met.  She does not cuss, she never has a bad word to say about anyone, 
she always finds the good in people.  She makes me a better person, she 
listens to me complain, then tells me how lucky I am, she is really the 

Angel is the woman version of the “forever bachelor”.  She is thirty
four and has never been married, never wants to get married and laughs 
at others who dream of it.  She and I met at the grocery store I worked 
at after I graduated high school.  She was there when I tumbled in love 
with the ex.  She tried to tell me that it would not last more than a 
year.  Just to spite her I made it last a year and a month.  She took 
me and the princess in, never said “I told you so” even though I knew 
she wanted to, and helped me tear the ex out of all the family photos 
and burn them.  She is the type of person who says what she thinks, and 
does not care what anyone thinks of her.  She is that person who says 
things, and you look at her and think, “wow, I wish I had the nerve to 
say that”. 

I try to get together with my friends as often as possible, but let's be
honest.  We do not all have the time to hang out in a coffee shop for 
hours on end and chat.  We do exchange emails and phone calls daily.  
It was at one of our few get togethers that I first saw the Prince.  We 
went to the mall for a little adult time.  Let me just tell you, that 
is not a smart idea on a Friday night.  We ended up getting very little 
shopping done, ate a mediocre meal in the food court and then sat on 
one of the benches and watched as the “kids” walked past us. 

After about twenty minutes of this, we decided to just go to my house,
watch a sappy movie and gorge on popcorn.  In case I forgot to mention 
it, I am probably the clumsiest person on the face of the earth.  With 
that said, it did not shock any of us that while we were walking to our 
car, I tripped over an imaginary rock in the middle of the mall floor 
and land flat on my face.  That is when the “prince” decided to appear. 

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