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Robbie the Raptor (youngsters:fantasy, 972 words)
Author: HulseyAdded: Oct 27 2006Views/Reads: 6932/3061Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Robbie longs to play football.

Boom, boom, boom! The forest shuddered and the creatures that lived
there knew why. They scattered in their hundreds, making way for the 
fearsome dinosaurs that stopped for nobody; trampling everything in 
their path. 

Proudly through the forest the gigantic creatures marched, their heads
towering far above the trees. Though the Tyrannosaurus Rex was feared, 
numerous creatures flanked them, attempting to keep pace for they knew 
what day this was. 

Monkeys, birds, alligators and other species of dinosaurs followed
excitedly, as they progressed towards the football stadium. The monkeys 
pointed and giggled at the puny little raptor that trailed the huge 

Robbie the raptor puffed and panted, his high-pitched voice shouting,
“wait for me.” 

Two of the dinosaurs looked back at Robbie and growled. “For the final
time little one, go away. You're not a Tyrannosaurus Rex .” 

“But I am,” squeaked Robbie, who attempted to run up the tail of Brutus
the king of the dinosaurs. 

Brutus swatted him away like a fly. 

The thirteen towering dinosaurs entered the stadium amid a crescendo of
noise from the creatures of the forest who whistled, chattered, and 
howled loudly. Brutus hissed at Robbie and ordered him to sit on the 
substitutes bench alongside Tordo and Gorgon. 

A noise similar to thunder erupted as the ugly, woolly mammoths emerged
from the tunnel juggling footballs between them. The animals booed the 
mammoths as their curly tusks punctured the footballs. Flying reptiles 
known as Ptesaurs hovered above the stadium, several of them soaring 
inches above the mammoths and teasing them with their loud squawking. 

The football match between the Tyrannosaurus Rex team and the mammoths
was an annual event, which always ended in victory for the hairy-horned 
creatures. Ally the alligator who was acting as referee marched towards 
the centre circle and ordered the team captains to approach. Brutus 
called heads and Ally tossed the coin. 

Tusky, the mammoth captain growled loudly as Ally confirmed it was

“Now Brutus and Tusky,” said Ally. “Today I want a clean game. No biting
your opponent or goring them with your tusks. Do I make myself clear?” 

Brutus nodded, baring his sharp teeth. Tusky pressed his leathery head
against his opponent and grunted. The teams lined up and Robbie sat 
sadly on the bench, knowing that he would not be chosen to take part in 
the match. 

Brutus kicked off and Tusky immediately charged into him, his tusk
winding the dinosaur. Brutus crashed to the ground and the crowd 
screamed angrily at the grinning Tusky. The mammoths had the ball and 
were closing in on their opponent's goal, knocking aside the dinosaurs 
with ease. Tusky passed the ball to their star player Casper, who 
thumped the ball with his right hoof. It went beneath the legs of the 
goalkeeper and the net bulged. 

The watching animals booed and jeered loudly as the mammoths celebrated.
The injured Brutus was dragged from the pitch and Robbie sprinted up 
and down the touchline hoping to be picked. He protested as the 
dinosaur manager Baldor ignored him and sent on Tordor instead. Within 
seconds Tordor lay injured on the ground, and Casper scored another 

Robbie again bounded up and down the touchline, his long tail swishing
merrily. The dinosaur manager sent on Gorgon, but he was sandwiched 
between two mammoths before collapsing to the ground. 

Baldor ran towards Ally the alligator referee and complained. “Book him
ref! Why didn't you book him?” 

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