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El Chinchillita and Missy Mouse (youngsters:other, 662 words)
Author: Kare_BearAdded: Nov 16 2006Views/Reads: 11450/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
el chinchillita takes on her greatest enemy with the help of her best friend missy mouse

It was a rainy, no, dark and rainy day, the kind that make the storm
drains overflow. Karen, an average sized girl with blonde hair and blue 
eyes, was running to meet her friend Kayla, who was thoughtfully 
holding out an extra umbrella. 

“You left this in the car yesterday when I gave you a ride home.” Kayla
said as Karen grabbed the umbrella and opened it. 

“Thanks, I wondered where I left it” Karen said swinging the umbrella up
over her head “where is your backpack? 

“School has been canceled, there are a bunch of leaks in the roof. And
since you don't watch the news in the morning, I thought I would just 
meet you here any way ” 

“Oh, that was thoughtful of you” Just then a car sped past the two girls
nearly hitting Kayla. Karen quickly pulled her out of the way and 
caught a glimpse of the driver through the window. It was Frankie Jones 
Better known as El Gato, the nemesis enemy of Karen who was also known 
as El Chinchillita. Karen used her binocular vision to watch the car 
speed down the road and turn towards the water tower. 

“Who was that?” Kayla asked, annoyed, as Karen helped her up. 

“It was him!” Karen did not even have to explain. Kayla knew that there
was only one-way for Karen to refer to her nemesis and that was it. “He 
headed towards the water tower!” Karen said. 

“Hold on I'll find out what he's up to” using her ESP Kayla, also known
as Missy Mouse, looked into the future. “Oh no! He has some sort of 
machine that he's going to use to destroy the entire city!” 

“When? And where is it?” 

“It's on top of the water tower, and he plans on using it today at

“ Noon today! That only leaves us one hour to stop him! We have to do
something, and Fast! We will have to change at your house, it is much 
closer ” Kayla and Karen ran to Kayla's house and went inside to 
change, moments later Karen emerged as El Chinchillita and Kayla 
followed as Missy mouse.  Both of them wore very similar outfits of 
alternating colors. Black and white. Karen wore a black skirt; black 
boots, white cape cape, one black and one white glove, white star 
shaped glasses, and black waterproof feather boas. Kayla wore almost 
the same thing except she replaced the black with white and vice versa. 

“All set?” Karen asked? “Yup.” Replied Kayla 

“Then lets go” Karen shouted, and they ran towards the water tower. 

“Stop what you are doing right now!” Karen shouted as she reached the
head quarters of El Gato. 

“Ha, ha, ha! You are too late Chinchillita. You see that machine soon it
will go off turning your puny little town into a giant chinchilla farm 
and I will be able to make wads of cash selling fur coats. Want to see 
a sample of my work?” just then El Gato pulled out a fur coat, Karen's 
only weakness. 

Karen began to collapse at the sight of it  “must get water' must save
the city.” Luckily for Karen , Kayla could move super fast. So she ran 
and snatched the coat from El Gato, and threw it far away from Karen. 
Still weakened by the coat, Karen opened her mouth and began to let the 
raindrops fill it up with water, her greatest source of power. In ten 
seconds Karen was back to normal and she quickly used her super 
strength to wrap a metal bar around the body of El Gato. Then Karen 
tossed her sunglasses to Kayla who used them to reflect the beam onto 
El Gato, who was turned into a chinchilla. They had won. Later, Kayla 
and Karen donated El Gato, who was now a chinchilla, to an elementary 
school classroom, where the children frequently pulled on his ears and 
tail. The rotten little boogers. 



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