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The Diary Of Hannah pt 1 (the tragic accident) (standard:other, 490 words)
Author: AnonymousAdded: Dec 29 2006Views/Reads: 2782/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
about a girl who writes to her diary everything.and her life is going to be ruined when she finds out that her parents......


Dear diary,I've been sitting in this hospital bed for the past three
hours,waiting for the docter to give me some news about my parents 
condition. It all started with a phone call; I was sitting in my 
bed,adoring the new bohemian blanket my aunt mary had recently bought 
me.Disturbing my adoration,that noisy phone rung.I hurried to it to 
stop the ringing. As soon as I placed my ear to the phone,I knew it 
held very bad news.My gut churned as the lady spoke. She then said, 
"hello is this the Baxter's residents?" 

Without waiting for me to answer,she said,"although your mother is in
critical condition she gathered enough strength to tell me, 'my 
daughter,hannah is at home,please get her down here as soon as 
possible.I have to see my little girl.'" 

I was confused as a drowning ant,the chills traveled down my spines and
flowed into my veins.But i managed to stammer,"W-what's wrong?" 

The lady reluctantly spoke,"I'm sorry to say,but your parents have been
in an accident.It's neccesary that you drive down here asap." 

Without speaking a word,i nodded my head in disbelief,and placed the
phone back on the reciever.I grabbed my keys off the teddy bear shape 
holder.And hurried out that door as fast as i could-and that's how i'm 
here.Now im in this hospital bitting my nails to the skin.My feet are 
trembling back and forth,my head is nodding like my grandma sue's 
rocking chair.The docter comes rushing in like a pack of bee's swarming 
for honey.He then tells me that my mother and father aren't in the best 
shape at this moment.He tells me,"you can visit your mother but you 
can't visit your father at this very moment.your mother is sleeping so 
she may or may not be able to hear you .good luck."So i rush into her 
room and i neel to her and i cry out,"mother,mother please come back to 
me,i need you in my life at this very moment."i can feel the tears rush 
down my cheeks like streams over rocks.I finally get up and wipe my 
face and i speak to her."Mother don't you dare quite on me,you hear 
me,if your not in my life than who will be in my life when i have my 
first child and when i grow every day and get more stronger.Mom i have 
to tell you this,you know that time when i got mad at you because i 
couldn't go to that party with my friends ,and i was grounded,W-well i 
said i'd wished i never been your daughter and that you would rot in 
hell like a dead body left hopeless and stiff.I'm sorry but mom i gotta 
go.When i left she started to jump like a bird learning to fly.I called 
the docter he said it would be better if i now i caused my mom 
and dad this pain.I just want to jump over a cliff and hang myself.i 
deserve it..........


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