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Coming from an octopus' point of view (youngsters:humor, 255 words)
Author: Kentucky galAdded: Feb 25 2007Views/Reads: 12321/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This goes out to all you people who would never consider having an octopus for a pet!

Why would an octopus make a good pet? You are about to find out. One 
reason we octopus' would make good pets is we ink a lot, so if you were 
working on a project and your ink pen ran out of ink, all you would 
need is a feather and there you go! You wouldn't need those ink pens 
anymore! Talk about a load off parents. Having to buy all those ink 
pens that run out of ink so fast. But at least you wouldn't have to go 
out and spend maybe a dollar or a dollar and a half anymore! I mean if 
you had one of us all you'd need is a feather, or maybe a couple in 
case you lose one then you always have another one, that is until you 
lose that one. Another reason an octopus would make a good pet is we 
octopus' have eight arms, so if you needed help doing chores or 
anything you could train us to help you out. I remember one kid needed 
help with his chores so he went and bought one of us and trained him to 
do just that. And boy was he one great big help! But most people want 
regular pets like dogs or cats. But why not octopus'? I mean come on; 
we are just as smart as cats or dogs even! And we octopus' have 
feelings to you know! I just wish that you humans would think more 
about considering one of us as your pet. 


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