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The Magician's Downfall (standard:other, 1993 words)
Author: the guitaristAdded: Feb 27 2007Views/Reads: 2519/1737Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
"The Magician's Downfall" is a story with a tragic ending that shows that love can make a fool of anyone, and lead to their demise in the end.

Ever since Jason could first remember, people always told him he was
special.  He was different from most kids growing up, preferring to 
read books and write poetry instead of playing baseball or football.  
His father constantly nagged him about reading books, and would call 
him a sissy or a faggot.  He would cry a little when his father would 
put him down, but he still kept doing what he loved to do.  There was 
something about him though, that made him different from everyone else. 
 He could move things with his mind.  He first realized this gift when 
he was eight years old, when he lifted the cat telekinetically from the 
living room, to the bathtub where his mother bathing.  "Ahhhhhh!, 
Ahhhhhh!, Ahhhhhh!," his mother screamed loudly throughout the house, 
as the cat gave her quite a few good scratches before jumping out of 
the water.  His mother, infuriated, ran into the living room, but only 
to find Jason reading a book.  "What's Wrong?" Jason asked, trying not 
to laugh.  "Someone threw that fucking cat in the bathtub, and you're 
the only one here."  She yelled in a loud tone.  "I've been here 
reading this book the whole time." he replied, hiding his laughter.  
"I'll let you slide this time, but next time it's an ass whooping, you 
understand me boy?" she said in an angry tone.  "Yes Ma'am" he said in 
a respectful tone.  After that he realized that with these powers he 
could go to school without the worry of being bullied.  He was smart 
about how he used his powers, though.  He didn't use them unless 
someone was taunting him or trying to beat the shit out of him.  Of 
course, every once in a while he would get a little bit mischevious and 
make the girls' skirts fly up, but he knew that he couldn't reveal his 
secret to anyone, because he didn't want anyone to think he was a creep 
or something.  When he was thirteen, he had learned how to use his 
powers to the best of his advantage.  A tallent show was coming up, and 
he decided to do a magician's act.  During the preparation of his act, 
he learned the tricks of how to make things disappear, and fool people 
with visual effects.  But there was that one part of his act that was 
real, and he planned to do something so amazing with it, that he would 
definitely win the tallent show.  Jason was scheduled as the last act 
of the tallent show, and when he looked out upon the crowd, he could 
hear boos from everywhere.  He placed a deck of cards on the table, and 
with a motion of his hands cards went flying everywhere.  He placed his 
hands in front of him and the cards fell to the floor.  Everyone looked 
around in amazement, and suddenly he motions his hands again, and the 
cards rise from where they landed and shuffle themselves back into the 
perfect deck they started off as.  A dead silence filled the room for a 
good 40 seconds, and then everyone cheered loudly.  For once, Jason was 
proud of himself, and he loved the sounds of cheering.  After the show, 
as he was about to leave, a man in a gray suit come up to him.  "I see 
you're very tallented." said the man with a smile.  "Look, I was just 
wondering, would you like to attend a school for the mentally gifted?"  
he said.  "I don't know", said Jason, "I don't think my mother would 
let me go somewhere away from home."  "Well", said the man, "Tell your 
mother that your education, room and board, meals, and everything will 
be taken care of at our expense until you graduate.  Here's my card if 
you or your mother needs to get in touch with me."  Jason looked down 
on the card, and it looked as if it were professionally printed.  He 
looked looked up at the man and said "Thank you sir, I will talk to my 
mother about this as soon as I get home."  When Jason got home he 
showed his mother the card, and asked if she would let him attend the 
school.  "How are we going to afford this?" his mother said in a 
somewhat angry tone.  "He said that they would pay for everything?" 
Jason replied.  After some time his mother finally gave in, and told 
him to pack his bags.  His mother called the number on the card, and 
his ride to the school would be there in the morning.  That night,  he 
lay awake in bed, for he knew that he would be away from home for a 
while.  The next morning, a white limousine pulled up in his yard, and 
out of the limousine stepped the man he met after the talent show.  
"I'm glad you made the right decision, boy.  These next five years will 
be the time of your life."  he said gladly.  Jason waved goodbye to his 
mother, and loaded his bags into the trunk of the limousine.  The 
limousine pulled off, and Jason was on his way to a new school.  That 
evening, they arrived at Robinson's School for the Mentally Gifted.  
They showed Jason to his new room, which he was to share with three 
other boys, and then gave him a tour around the campus.  "You start 
class tomorrow, so you really need to go to sleep," said the man, after 
he finished showing Jason around.  "I forgot to ask", said Jason,"what 
is you're name, sir?  "You can call me Dr. Densen." he replied.  The 
first day of class confused Jason, and he didn't know what to expect.  
For once he was in a class full of people just like him.  Either they 
could move objects with their minds, read minds, or start fires with 

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