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Redemption (standard:poetry, 266 words)
Author: AndrewAdded: May 01 2007Views/Reads: 2403/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A rich, spoilt girl dies and is judged. Other people have said this is my best.

Redemption (2005) 

You have it all A hot boyfriend Clothes of no end There is nothing you
want Your life is written in the most beautiful font 

The little white lamb All happy and blithe In reality she is black And
rotten inside 

You enter the limousine To you nothing is wrong You drive into the night
And Satan sings his song 

“Come to me little lamb I know what you are You can't hide behind that
sham You shall cry for redemption And have none” 

The limo hugs the tree So loving and tight Your driver was drunk And
there is the light 

The Grim Reaper comes To lead you to judgement As you follow him, you
think “I had no time to repent” 

“You had all the time you needed We tried to warn you, little lamb But
we were never heeded Instead you hid behind your sham” 

The little lamb has been judged She has been found a goat To the gates
of Hell she goes And Satan begins to gloat 

“You are mine, little lamb For forever and a day He saw through your
sham Now I've had my say” 

As the eternal fires consume your soul And burn away your skin of sheep
You realise that your beauty Was only ever skin deep 

You look to Heaven And cry for redemption The great One looks down And
shakes His head with a frown 

“You had your chance, little one But you chose wrong. In the grave you
shall remain Forever silent, forever screaming You cry for redemption 
And shall have none” 


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