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Lucy And The Magic Factory (youngsters:adventure, 16768 words)
Author: JoeDAdded: Jun 22 2007Views/Reads: 12933/3086Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Lucy, a lovable, perky and curious 10 year old, has a fascination for magic and all that goes with it. When her father bestows upon her a trip to a theme park, known as The Magic Factory, Lucy is enthralled. Once there, Lucy gets separated from her f

LUCY AND THE MAGIC FACTORY by Joe DeMonte Summer heat penetrated the
town of Cedar Falls. On a residential street, lined with shady trees, a 
newly painted white house was filled with the voices of children. It 
was the house that Lucy Larson lived in, and today was her tenth 
birthday. Lucy, a perky and outgoing girl, with long brown hair and 
inquisitive hazel eyes, was in the midst of ushering her friends to the 
outdoor patio in the backyard, where her mother would soon be serving a 
birthday cake and lemonade to Lucy and her guests. Lucy was about to 
head out to the patio area herself, when her father called out to her 
from the family room. He pulled her close and whispered something into 
her ear. Lucy squealed with delight! 2 “Are you excited, Lulu?” he 
asked her. Her father, and most everyone else, had been calling her 
‘Lulu' for as long as she could remember. “Wow, yes, Daddy!” she 
exclaimed. “I can't wait! When can we go?“ “Saturday,” he informed her. 
Then he took her in his arms and gave her a loving birthday hug. “Thank 
you so much, Daddy,” she chirped happily, hugging him back tightly. “I 
can't wait to see the Magic Factory. This is my best birthday ever!” 
Her father smiled broadly. “Well, we'll talk more about it later, okay? 
You better get back outdoors and spend some time with your guests. Your 
mom is probably ready to bring out your cake.” Lucy scooted down the 
hallway, in the direction of the sliding glass doors, which 3 separated 
the family room from the patio and back yard area. What a great 
birthday this is, she thought again, as she headed outside to greet her 
friends. When she told everyone there about what her father had just 
given her for her birthday, her friends all cheered, and Krista, her 
very best friend, asked Lucy to please bring her a souvenir from the 
Magic Factory. “I will,” Lucy promised. Just then, Lucy's mother 
arrived with the cake and set it down on the patio table. Lucy's 
guests, all twelve of them, sang 'Happy Birthday' to her, and then she 
blew out the ten candles on her cake, even though it took her two tries 
to do so. A few minutes later, Lucy's mom and dad came out and gave her 
more presents, and there was even one from her older brother, Eric, who 
had to attend baseball practice and could not be there for her party. 
The party went on for two more hours, and 4 when it was over, Lucy was 
exhausted. She helped her mom clear the patio table, then asked to be 
excused for a nap. Lucy hadn't taken a daytime nap since she was five 
years old, but she needed one today, she felt. “I think that's a good 
idea,” her mom said to her, smiling brightly. “You've had a pretty busy 
day, birthday girl.” She gave her mom a kiss on the cheek, then headed 
up the stairs to her bedroom for a much needed nap. Lucy's last 
thoughts, before drifting off to sleep, were about what she imagined 
she might see at the famed Magic Factory. She wasn't at all sure that 
any of her thoughts were correct, but she hoped so. She had long had a 
fondness for magic, illusions and the like, ever since that magician 
had put on a show at her school when she was in the second grade. She 
was totally fascinated by what he had done that day, making coins 
appear from behind 5 the students' ears, pulling cards out of thin air, 
and even making a bunny emerge from a top hat. She knew then and there 
that she wanted to explore the world of magic a lot further. CHAPTER 
TWO That following Saturday, just after dawn, Lucy, her thirteen year 
old brother, and her mom and dad, headed out on the one hundred and 
five mile trip to the Magic Factory. It didn't take that long at all to 
get there, but to Lucy it seemed an eternity. “Look, everyone,” Lucy 
shouted from the back seat of the car, when she first caught sight of 
the immense theme park, “there it is!” Her mom and dad both laughed 
slightly at their daughter's excited state, and her brother woke up 
with a jolt from the nap he had been enjoying. After parking in the 
spacious area provided for same, the Larson family went through the 
gates 6 to the park, then ate a much needed late breakfast at a 
restaurant called 'The Witches Brew'. All of the waitresses were 
dressed like witches, and Lucy marveled at their costumes, and also at 
the decor of the large dining spot. It was almost eleven o'clock when 
Lucy and her family finally entered the Magic Factory itself. They, 
along with a host of others, were guided inside by a young man clad in 
a wizard's outfit. They were informed that a magic show was about to 
commence in theater three, so that was where they headed. Lucy had some 
syrup, from the pancakes she had eaten, on her hands and it felt 
sticky. She asked her mom if she could wash it off before they entered 
the theater. Her mother looked around and saw a restroom not far from 
where they were standing. “Yes, go ahead, Lulu,” her mom said. “Go wash 
your hands in there,” she added, pointing out 7 the restroom to her 
daughter. “We will wait for you right here.” Lucy edged her way through 
the crowd of people and pushed open the door of the restroom. Once 
inside, it was quiet. She found herself standing in a small alcove, 
with doors on both sides of her. Not knowing which one to select, she 

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