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The Ant (standard:Inspirational stories, 771 words)
Author: AnonymousAdded: Aug 01 2007Views/Reads: 3414/2Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
spirtual content

The Ant Everyone has seen the Ant the tiny creature that crawls along
the ground and live in a self made burrow in the ground..Ant are small 
but we can learn from these little creatures.. These little Ant work in 
the summer gathering food for the colony .. And they are busy all day 
long going about to find food ,Ants and people have a lot in common 
really . People like Ants work together building and constructing 
things together.. Did you ever think just how small and Ant head it   
is something to behold ..God gave  him a brain and I could not ever 
dare to think what a Ants brain would look like , God made a lot of 
wonderful animals and put them down here on earth .. And man has 
dominion over every creature.. How complex every small creature system 
is compared to the larger animals. Ever a flea has to have a brain that 
tells him where to fly and what to eat and where the flea should 
inhabit.. The flea gets on dogs and rides along living in the hair 
forest and making the dog life miserable because of all the itching, 
seems everything has a direct purpose that God has made and put here on 
earth.. There is still so much that man does not understand about 
natural things and such.. But man keep on trying to master all the 
secrets things that he cannot put his finger on in nature...God is 
something that man will never figure out .. His ways are much higher 
than men stands as a little Ant like creature before the lord 
God....did you ever think about all the vital things that has to happen 
before your eyes open up in the morning.. Really it takes a miracle for 
you to live and breath and go about with a mind that guides you and 
tells you when you have hurt yourself or when you are hungry and or 
tired...Then man want people to believe in evolution in the big bang 
theory that things evolved and was not created by and intelligent 
God...I say hog wash on all of men theories... anyway to discredit God 
man will do in his quest to throw the God creator away from the hearts 
and beliefs of mankind.... We should know well that all the earth 
substances just never come by some big cosmic bang and evolved to what 
it is today.. It is a fact that nature had to have and intelligent 
being to make all the wonderful deigns that we see every day with the 
naked eye....  My heart is open to God and my heart tell me that men 
should repent of the evil that is in his heart and come to know God son 
Jesus Christ as the forgiver of his sins.. The true facts is this that 
God has to convert man heart from and evil creature to a Godly 
creature... I ask you bluntly this why should you if you and atheist 
fall for such a lie and go to a devil hell for not believing in God who 
created all things.. Why should you want to believe such theories that 
don't give one big of hope toward life eternal..I don't have to offend 
the Gospel its truth will last forevermore...Christ died on a cruel 
cross so man could have and eternal home for his soul at the death of 
the fleshly man..but people seems to want to die lost and undone 
without faith and forgiveness from a loving gracious God.. Let me ask 
you a blunt forward question where do you want to spend eternity after 
death finds you .. ? in heaven with a forgiven soul ? Or in hell with 
and unbelieving heart and a eternal doom? I asked this not to scare you 
into believing I ask this because im concerned about lost souls that 
could end up in and eternal damnation...take a earnest look at your 
heart this day and see what is inside of you inter there 
peace with God and ,man? Or is unbelief inside your heart and mind? 
Answer your self honestly be earnest and don” lie to your own soul...if 
your lost and undone and your sins are heavy upon your heart ...simply 
bow you knees and ask the lord Jesus Christ to saved your wrenched 
sinful soul.. And rise up believing that he has done so.. And confess 
publicity that JESUS Christ as saved your soul and added your name to 
the lambs book of life ....LORD JESUS thanks ..and may God bless this 
article ..


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