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Buttercups and Bluebonnets (standard:romance, 640 words)
Author: PauletteAdded: Aug 09 2007Views/Reads: 2992/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A young girl sits in a patch of wild flowers and dreams of a man who will match her in her desire to look at the world through the eyes of a child.

In the days before electronic games and television shows, I spent my
extra time outside in a beautiful yard full of wild flowers.  At a very 
young age I would find myself facinated by little yellow flowers that 
would leave little yellow beads of pollen on my nose and on my face and 
the blue flowers that my parents told me to never pick.  They were the 
Buttercups and Bluebonnets that I still see in my dreams at times. 

I can remember how I dreamed of a boy who sat down beside me and talked
to me as if he were the male version of myself.  The connection between 
him and I was so amazing.  He had long light brown hair as I did.  He 
loved flowers and animals as I did.  We spent a lot of time laughing 
and playing and dreaming out loud.  One day he told me that he had to 
go away and that when he came back the buttercups would be gone and the 
bluebonnets would be in fields far from my home.  He told me that when 
I saw him again, he would come for me and put kisses on my face where 
the little yellow beads of pollen use to play. 

He promised he would come back for me. 

As the years passed by, memories of buttercups and bluebonnets and the
boy, whose name I never knew, danced in my day dreams and in my night 
dreams.  Those years took me through childhood and into my teenage 
years.  I danced with boys and kissed boys and looked into their eyes 
to see if I could find him again, but I could not. 

Years passed by and I grew into a woman, with a child inside me that
would never give up on the hope of touching the boy again.  I knew that 
one day I would see him and he would be a man but also the child that I 
knew.  I danced with men and I kissed men and I would look into their 
eyes to see if I could find him again, but I could not. 

Years blessed me with children, many children, and the child inside me.
I found I could relate to them and i touched them and I taught them and 
I loved them and the years flew by.  I never forgot the flowers that I 
loved and I never forgot the dream of innocence.  I never forgot the 
boy I once knew, but mist seemed to cover it all now.  So many years 
and so many tears and so many smiles passed by and I could remember 
things so misty. 

One day, I saw a man in a picture.  He came to me several days and I
noticed something about him that was different from others.  He 
reminded me of someone and it was me.  I could see his personality in 
his picture that showed me he was a man/child.  I just watched him as 
he watched me.  So I reached out and touched him through many many 
miles and I touched him in a way that he called me. 

He came back to me on this very day.  As he promised, he came back to me
and I felt whispers come out of me, touching him through the miles 
between us and I could feel his smile and I could feel his heart.  He 
came back and he found me, as he promised. 

In the middle of the night, on this very night, I wait for him and I
dream out loud, of buttercups and bluebonnets and Steve.  I wait for 
you to call me again and I feel you man/child.  I never forgot and I 
remember you sitting with me, with the breeze blowing through our hair, 
with the scent of flowers in the air.


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