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Looking at you (standard:romance, 377 words)
Author: PauletteAdded: Aug 17 2007Views/Reads: 3016/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
SHMILY (see how much I love you)

June 29, 2007, I talked to you and felt so much electrity but was not
sure you felt it.  There you were so majestic and calm and there I was 
so nervous.  It had been many years from those days when I would see 
you and I can still remember how handsome I thought you were. In the 
darkness of the oncoming evening I could feel the elecricty that was 
coming off of you and zapping my deepest nerve endings. I was wondering 
how you were feeling and trying to imagine how it would feel to have 
your arms around me, holding me tight.  I could feel the teasing looks 
you were givinng me and I could feel  your interest and all I wanted 
was to take you off to be able to get to know you, alone, without 
anyone being there.  As I was leaving, you asked me something that made 
me shiver.   You asked me if you could call me and I told you that you 
could.  I asked you to come to me and  you did that very night.  That 
night is one I will never forget.  From that night on I have had the 
chance to know you and to love you.  In such a short time, I fell in 
love with you.  I fell in love with your voice and your heart and your 
mind.  A voice that makes me love you more, a voice that is so 
masucline and in control.  A heart that loves so easy and is able to 
love other children as if they were his own.  I love your mind, I love 
how intellegent you are and the mechanical genius i feel in you.  You 
asked me how I can love a man I do not know, but I do know you, I know 
you and have felt something bonding us from way back when.  What could 
that bond be?  The bond comes from the children we shared.  Your 
children were my students and I loved you all.  I will love now and in 
these days to come and I will show you everyday how much I love you...I 
will read the story SHMILY and you will understand me and I know you 
will love me forever.


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