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The Ghost (standard:Ghost stories, 862 words)
Author: Tisha RogersAdded: Oct 17 2007Views/Reads: 3378/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A family moves into a house located next to a cemetary!

My Uncle drove the old truck that groaned and rattled with each turn.
When it finally came to a stop a strange hissing sound escaped from 
under the hood. In the back of the truck was all the furniture that 
would go into the house, in the front we were packed in like canned 
fish. It had been a long trip, Uncle had not only rented the small 
house for us but had also drove across state to move us back. 

Daddy had stayed behind to finish the job he was on with the promise to
join us in three or four months.  He wanted us to move back to this 
little town before winter as Mother was having another baby. He thought 
it best to be settled before the baby arrived so he had sent us on 

Staring at the little house that Uncle had rented for us gave me the
creeps.  The lawn was overgrown, the house was in need of repair, and a 
one-eyed black cat arched it's back before bouncing into the weeds. But 
the thing that sent chills up my spine was what was located just across 
the fence. 

Being six years old, I had the advantage over my four-year-old sister in
knowing what all the stones poking out of the ground meant.  A 
cemetery! My brother being two years older than I also knew what it 
was, and he thought it rank right up there with all the other gross 
things he liked. 

My Uncle unloaded the truck and help Mother arrange the furniture before
going home to his family.  I hadn't noticed until he was gone that he 
had put our bed in the wrong room.  This room was next to the 
graveyard.  From the front bedroom the graveyard couldn't be seen and 
it was suppose to belong to sister and me. 

Although the thought of sleeping opposite the graveyard bothered me, I
found the excitement of the day put me to sleep as soon as my head hit 
the pillow.  I don't know how long I slept, or what awaken me.  I sit 
up in bed and stared at the uncovered window.  The moon lit the 
gravestones up with an eerie light; all of a sudden I saw something 
white moving around the back of the cemetery.  I covered my head with 
the quilt and let out an ear splitting scream.  Within seconds Mother 
was beside me as I spilled out what I had seen. With tears streaming 
down my cheeks I cling to my Mother's neck, as was my sister. We ended 
up sleeping in her bed that night. Though Mother assured me the next 
day it was only a dream I still felt it was so real. 

The day passed with lots of moving-in activity.  Uncle and his family
returned to help Mother “whip it into shape” as my Auntie put it.  They 
had two children, a boy the same age as brother and a girl nearly the 
same age as sister, with sister being only a couple of months older.  
Uncle and the boys worked on the outside. Auntie, Mother and I worked 
on the inside, with me caring for the younger girls. 

At dusk the house was gleaming and all things in place, the aroma of
fresh baked bread filled the air.  Just before the evening meal was 
served, in rushed brother and cousin, visibly shaken, they both 
exclaimed in unison they had seen the ghost in the old graveyard! 

Uncle decided then and there that he was going “ghost hunting” only he
wanted to be well nourished to go on the hunt, he loaded the plate with 
crispy fried chicken, mashed potatoes with gravy and savory sweet peas. 
 The hot, buttery bread lay next to the chicken, and a glass of milk 
stood to the right of his plate.  The boys and me watched, as he seemed 
to take his time consuming the enormous plate of food.  Although we 
wouldn't be going on the hunt, we could hardly wait for it to start. 

True to his word, with the evening meal finished he reached for his cap
and out the door he went. Mother and Auntie stayed at the table talking 
and drinking coffee as we sit quietly by the door, our ears straining 
to hear any sound from outside.  Every once in a while the boys would 
place their ears against the door for a better listen. 

We all heard the heavy footsteps at the same time, jumping up we headed
to the table and gathered around Mother and Auntie. Watching the door 
fearfully.  Uncle appeared in the doorway with a grin on his face.  He 
informed us; although it was a struggle he had caught and tied the 
ghost in the backyard. As we proceeded to follow him out the front 
door, he told the story of how the ghost appeared and disappeared 
behind the gravestones. Getting him tied up was the real problem he 
claims, for the ghost didn't like it. 

Rounding the corner of the house we all saw it at the same time.  Tied
to the fence was a big, white, Jersey cow. 


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