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Why do nice girls hate me? (youngsters:poetry, 185 words)
Author: LonelyJeremyAdded: Apr 06 2008Views/Reads: 8209/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A poem that wonders why I can't get a girlfried

Why do nice girls hate me? 

Ive tried 2 unnerstand 

And yet not one will mate me 

So I'll never be a man. 

I c them in the corrdors 

And try to 2 look so cool 

But they just want 2 hang around 

With boys whove left the school. 

About Raquel and Annie 

I fantasize 4 hours. 

They look 2 me like angels, 

They smell 2 me like flowers. 


They smell just like flowers 

In flowery bowers. 

But theyre perfume 

Is poison 

Sufficating my soul 


I look up at the endless sky 

And think “I am so small” 

Maybe the hugeness of space explains 

Why they can't see me at all. 

I could give them poems 

Whispered 2 me by a star 

But girls don't like that near as much 

As a really wicked car. 

I pretend that I am happy 

But I'm crying deep inside 

No one would even notice 

If i curled up and died. 


I wish I could fly 

Away from my pain 

But I cry and i die 

Again and again and again 

And again 





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