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Graceful (standard:poetry, 188 words)
Author: mimosAdded: Mar 08 2001Views/Reads: 3332/3Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A poem about bulimia. It doesn't flow, but it has helped me to hold off a few times

Like a baby bird I open my mouth wide and cry for food, 

only I am crying to myself. 

Not to the graceful bird who dances in the air, 

truly as light as feathers. 

I am crying for food to fill the void, 

That place inside me that would be filled with love. 

But food will need to suffice. 

Like a baby rattle snake I have no control over the poison inside of me.

Although as he pushes his out I push mine in 

With every grain of rice and crumb of bread 

I feel the void inside enlarge 

only to shrink again when i become  the mother bird I long to be 

graceful to the point that I feed the toilet like she would feed her

When I do not give in to my own cries 

I suffer through the void collapsing on its self. 

Eating away at itself until it is a marble sized ball of dark matter 

dragging me down 

in to the corresponding pit of dark emotions and exhaustion 

In that pit I feel as light as air, held down by only time. 


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