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Roses (standard:Ghost stories, 1656 words)
Author: ZethAdded: May 18 2008Views/Reads: 3360/2199Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Dont go into a haunted house.

Over 100 years ago, five people were murdered. They were all a family,
killed by a unknown killer, their necks were slashed with an ax.  In 
memory of them, the wife's rich brother opened an entire cemetery in 
honor of them, called Rose Cemetery, Rose was her name... Only 30 
people were ever buried there, all of 

them family of Rose.  They soon built a house for caretakers of the 20
acres of land. Mostly Forrest, in the center of it are 27 headstones 
arranged in a circle, in the center is a well, surrounded by the 
blackest roses you could ever find. They were perfect, but had gone 
unnoticed, until they came.... 

Present Day: 

Fall had just struck Silver Cliff, Colorado with calm oranges, deep
reds, and mellow yellow leaves.  School was released early that Friday 
the 13, October. Kids ran off in all directions, toward their houses. A 
group of three started for the diner four blocks west of East Ridge 
Middle school.  They went their 

every Friday since fifth grade, and now in seventh, the manager now
knows them very well, and often give them free milkshakes. 

They walked into the nearly empty dinner and sat down at the booth
closest to the register.  It had a classy 50's feel to it, with black 
and white checkered tile, metallic seats, chrome tables, and all of the 
old adds, it was one of the best places to hang out at--at least for 

"Hey!  How's it goin' for ya, why you off school early?" The manager
said,  getting their orders prepared, not needing them to decide. 

"Relax Will, we got off school early", David said, putting his binder on
the floor, as did the others, Nick, and Ty.  They sat back, and 
listened to their milkshakes being created. 

The Dinner had no name, they only called it The Dinner,  and it was four
blocks south of the Rose Cemetery, and four from the school, if you go 
the right way, and at one time, all three properties were owned by 
Rose's brother, or son at one time or another.  It made a perfect right 

"Hey, have you guys ever herd of the Reed house?" Will asked the kids. 

"Yeah, wasn't like 30 people killed there", Ty said. 

"Thirty were buried there, five were originally killed." Says
Will."There was a cemetery made up there, but over time, trees came in, 
and it got fenced off, and was totally forgotten about", Will 
continues.  "Anyways, you guys want to go up there tonight, and see if 
it was HAUNTED", he said and chuckled at 

his remark, then handed the kids the milkshakes. Strawberry for Nick,
Chocolate for David, and Vanilla for Ty. 

"Yeah, why not" David said, "You guys in?" Ty nodded, as he was already
digging into his shake.  Nick nodded too, although, he wasn't eating. 

"You don't talk much", Will said, looking at Nick. 

"He's never been a big one", Ty said, almost halfway through his shake.
Yet amazingly, he is still skinny.... 

"Eh, that's still cool", Will smiled and went into the back. Came back
out a few minutes later, "Here, This is the address of the place, I 
don't know why you would need it, but in case you do", he handed it to 
Nick and went into the back again, only not returning a second time. 
They finished and put a couple of 

bills on the table and left.  They met at the school exactly four hours
later, and started to the cemetery. 


Ty had said he was sleeping over at David's house. David said he was

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