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niko (standard:fantasy, 1578 words)
Author: jackAdded: Jun 12 2008Views/Reads: 2635/1779Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
a start to a interesting story about niko's i wont you to tell me to continue or not it is a orsome story abote a strong niko who is just trying to get by in the war

Boom thunderous fire herder ling in a bunker is a young Nikko named jack
he is alone now comrades dead there he is taking cover with his rifle 
wishing he were someone else wishing of happiness' something he hadn't 
felt in a long time ‘no' i mast fight so someone else could feel it and 
think of him he jumps out of the bunker and run's towards the shadow 
Nikko's there are other's fighting the same i open fire there is no 
leader now we are alone and un lead with no moral i diced there and 
then that i would ‘come on men follow me to glory and to freedom ‘ 
instantly we have a leader we all charge and force the shadow back. 
Back to where they came from back to the shadows when the battle is won 
and all is thort to be well a huge cave open's up and more shadow 
poor's out ‘glory to the first man to die charge ‘but we are too few 
and they are so many we cannot win maybe that's what drives me forwards 
the knowledge that we would lose.  I pick up a sword and charge right 
in to the thick of it but before i can do any real damage i take a 
sword to the gut i drop looking at my blood soaked hands and look 
around shadow's run past me and i drop another captain gone 

I awake in the back of a army personal carrier other Nikko's standing
around me i feel the stiches in my gut someone see's me straight away ‘ 
how ya feeling ‘ like shit you ‘ ha I'm the one that saved your sorry 
ass ‘really ‘yer pulled you out before it was too late ‘ did we win' no 
answer but i know we had failed to drive the shadow back we had started 
with hundreds and ended with so few ‘ i thort i was died ‘ i did to but 
you were still breathing ‘ where are we heading ‘ ha were else main 
base for owe last stand for this planet ‘ main base was a huge forties 
that was the first thing built hear when the first arrived now it would 
be the last thing that would be destroyed We land with a jolt we are 
greeted by the captain of the base ‘feel free to heal up they aren't 
going to attack for a while ‘ why do you think that ‘ because we are 
retreating to fast for them to advance the first place i go is a bar i 
have a have a few drinks ‘so what you going to do now ‘ it was the bar 
keep he was short with black her and was very cheerful looking ‘ I've 
had enough to drink i think I'll put some coin's in that pin ball 
machine then call it a night ‘ i stand up and stumble towards the pin 
ball thing and put a two dollar coin in it the machine comes to life 
and i start bating the little ball around i notice a girl watching me 
play she was my age purple hair with pink eye's she had large ears that 
marched her hair with white on the inside her tail was also purple with 
a white tip she was perfectly carved body all and all very HOT  ‘wont 
to play' shore' she stepped over and started beating the ball around 
but she misses and it goes down the hole here i stood behind her and 
placed my hands over hers and help her posh the right butane at the 
right time after about a half hour she said she had to go and i walked 
back over to the bar' change of plans i think I'll have another beer 
after i left the bar 

it was raining really hard i walked with unexpected ease back to my
hotel ‘ and i said to myself what a wonderful ‘ my singing was 
interrupted by something it was crying i followed the noise to an alley 
behind the hotel it was the girl from the bar ‘hay are you all right ‘ 
she looked up at me with tier filled eyes she was drenched her clothes 
were all wet ‘here come with me I've got a place to stay i grabbed her 
hand and pulled her to her feet she hugged on to me and i led her out 
of the rain and into the hotel and up to my room i sat heron my bed and 
calmed her down ‘you clothes are all wet here' i walked over to the 
drowse next to the bed and pulled out some clothes a tee shirt and a 
pair of baggy black pants ‘here there a bath room over there' i pointed 
to the door in the room ‘ just leave your cloths in there ‘ she walked 
over to the door and quickly got change she walked out and sat on my 
bed eyes still full of tiers i raped my arm round her shoulder and hug 
her she started to cry again and hugged me again 

I had calmed her down and she was sleeping on my bed i was just
wondering why she was alone why wasn't with her family and friends then 
it hit me most of the people living here were killed she must of been 
out when it started i had no family i was found at the army base on	and 
never knew my parents i had friends but they were all in the army and 
bang ‘oy scum bag come and open this door ‘ shut up man ‘ why you 
aren't jack' no' it was chaise i jump up and walked over to the door 
‘what's up' well open the door and i will tell you ‘ right ‘ i pulled 
open the door ‘what going on there is a meeting the big boss is going 
to talk to us about the battle coming up ‘ how could you just say that 
‘ come on man it's me i now you love a good fight ‘ are shut up ‘ we 
Brock out laughing ‘ why couldn't you just tell me that throw the door 

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