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world war (standard:horror, 452 words)
Author: fernando Added: Jul 13 2008Views/Reads: 2738/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A description of a solders horrors at war, in the trenches.


My pulse was racing. Taken aback by the uproar which surrounded me. For
it seemed every soldier dreaded the torment and agony, of which was 
sure to follow. Screams! The outcries of disturbed men, added to the 
melancholy mood. My hands shook fiercely. My nails unsightly after long 
periods of stress. Atrocious bruising on my hands where my superiors 
had beaten me. I felt sickly and defenceless, not wanting to know what 
might happen to me. I found myself quaking! Could I really pull the 
trigger and end someone's life? 

I lifted my gun with a feeling of trepidation. My head rocked, my mouth
was bone dry. The gun felt rough in my hands. It was heavy and 
uncomfortable for me to carry. I had to haul it along. I suddenly 
buckled; an unbearable pain came from my leg. Blood poured from the 
wound, it looked hideous and vile. I shook ferociously; I could smell 
the blood, it made me physically sick. I moaned surrounding men just 
stared at me. Helpless sprawled out in a pool of sick and blood. As my 
face touched the trenches I could smell the fear and the sweat of men 
preparing to die! 

I must have lain there, still, for hours. Merciless, bitter. Not daring
to think about my fate. All of a sudden I heard unfamiliar voices. 
German voices! For the first time in weeks I felt emotion. For the 
first time in months I wept. The enemy laughed at me. Kicking mud in my 
face, punching me, making me drink my own urine, it stung the back of 
my throat. I wanted so much to show no fear but I couldn't. I pleaded 
with them, they beat me. I fought, they beat me. 

They dragged me through no man's land. There was a terrible stench of
death; I wept so hard for my companions. They had fresh blood on their 
faces. I touched their cold and lifeless bodies. It was a massacre. We 
were all the same, yet killing each other for being different. Ten 
other tormented prisoners joined me. The German solders seemed to be 
anxious. Suddenly a tall strong man strolled out into the court. "Hail 
Hitler" So he was here the manwhom existed in all of my nightmares. The 
Germans with rifles stood tall and mighty behind us devoid with any 
emotion. I was last in line to meet my fate. I sang softly to myself, 
as my friends were shot in cold blood. Finally it came to me, I shook, 
I sang, I cursed the Germans. As the bullet met me I said "God shall 
receive me whereas you shall dwell in hell"


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