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Mary's Adventure (standard:other, 1510 words)
Author: pheonixAdded: Nov 23 2008Views/Reads: 2769/1959Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A little girl disobeys her Mum and enters the forest with worrying consequences.


Once, a long, long time ago, there was a little girl called Mary. She
lived with her mother and father and big brother Jim. They lived in a 
house near the forest. 

Mary knew not to go in the forest, as strange animals and creatures
lived there. Brother Jim was allowed to go in the forest with Daddy  
because Jim was really big. He was so big he was nearly ten. Mary, of 
course was only six. 

Sometimes Jim would tell Mary about the strange animals he saw. She was
never sure if he was telling the truth about them, but she liked to 
hear the stories anyway. 

Daddy and Jim never went in the forest after teatime. Daddy said it was
because it was dangerous to walk in there at night. When Mary asked Jim 
why, he smiled at her and told her strange things happened among the 
trees at night. 

One thing he told her was that there were flying elephants in there.
Between five and seven-0-clock each evening, these elephants held 
parachute practice. All the other creatures knew to keep clear when 
this happened  all that was  except the crocodiles. They were foolish 
and walked through the forest between five and seven-0-clock. That was 
why crocodiles were all now flat. 

Another thing he told her was that the Elves and Hobgoblins came out at
night to look for naughty children. If they found any, they made the 
children prisoners and forced them to work all night collecting toads 
and spiders and beetles. 

Mary was always curious about the forest, and once she even ran to the
edge and almost touched a tree, but she thought she heard a strange 
noise, so ran quickly back home. 

She was in the garden on her swing one day. It was very hot and she was
just swinging lazily and dreaming of the animals and Hobgoblins. Before 
she realised what she was doing, she found herself right at the edge of 
the forest. 

The sun was shining down and she felt very hot. She moved without
thinking into the shade of the nearest tree. It felt much better here 
and she hopped and skipped along the edge of the forest, feeling very 
happy and not the least bit afraid. 

As she moved along, she gazed into the forest, imagining the wonders
that lay inside. She stopped for a moment to stare between the nearest 
trees. She was just a weenie bit afraid at first, but as she took a 
step closer, nothing happened. She looked back to see if Mummy was 
watching. There was no sign of her Mummy, so Mary ran forwards and 
quickly touched a tree. 

She stepped back quickly and waited. Nothing happened, so she moved
forwards again and stood right next to the tree. Still nothing 
happened, so she took a step into the forest. She held her breath, 
ready to dash back, but all remained quiet. 

She knew it was too early for the elephants, and it wouldn't be dark for
simply ages. She took a couple more steps inside. Feeling very brave 
and grown up, she looked about her. She saw a bunch of primroses, and 
as she looked further inside, she saw a whole clump of bluebells. 

She just KNEW Mummy would love a bunch of those. Mary tiptoed towards
them, and was just stooping to pick a bluebell, when guess what she 
saw? It was a little red squirrel. The squirrel was eating an acorn, 
which it was holding in its tiny front paws. 

Mary was thrilled and started creeping towards it. The squirrel saw Mary
and hopped off and climbed a tree. As Mary moved forwards it ran out on 
a branch and jumped to another tree. Mary was so excited she forgot all 
about the bluebells and ran after the squirrel, as it hopped from tree 
to tree, until it disappeared among the leaves. 

Mary was a little sad, then remembered the bluebells and looked round

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