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Ode to a Primrose (standard:poetry, 195 words)
Author: pheonixAdded: Dec 01 2008Views/Reads: 2591/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Invoked memories of a Soldier of Fortune

Ode to a Primrose 

(Invoked memories of a Soldier of Fortune) 

Wild as a primrose. A roving restlessness deep within my soul ruled my
emotions. Made vagrancy my role. 

Made me always a wayfaring guest. Gave me the gift of resignation, to
accept surroundings strange. Wanderlust impelled me to stray, seeking 
another way. 

Oh wonderful world, my ego shouted, leaped, soared, with bittersweet
love. Aching limbs never bored of rainbow bannered or star embroidered 
skies unfolding. 

With death in my hand and strapped to my shins, in foreign lands I
wandered. No thought in mind other than 'Who dares wins.' 

But what was the value of a wall spattered red. Or watching a man
crumble and fall down dead?. Medals once worn proudly, now binned. 

Little primrose - not so wild. Hugging mossed feet of the pine;
Unblemished, untarnished, your green velvet bud shrine unfolds its 
hidden treasures. 

Pale stars of sunshine petals. Fragrant, heartshaped, delicately divine.
Unsullied. Pure you live, giving Untold pleasure. Content to bloom at 
the whim of the weather. 

Your wild perfume enraptures. Childhood joy recaptures. Long days of
happiness steeped in woodland whispers. Trees, birds and memories of my 


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