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the lil girl (standard:other, 385 words)
Author: AnonymousAdded: Mar 16 2009Views/Reads: 2599/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
sad but so true

My short stories on a lil girl I sit there by the window seat looking
out wishing some one will be my garden angle to come and rescue me from 
hell maybe someone out there would wont me. My foster home is felt with 
great kids but they all had bad head starts some of their parents hit 
them are molested them me I got abuse. I sat in my basement for years 
not knowing how to talk sitting in my own urine not knowing when I will 
eat. I eat ever bite till it was gone. God had seen me suffer enough 
and sent them to rescue me not knowing to talk I sat and cry and cry of 
the hell the lived through. No parent wonted me and I didn't want them 
so I sat on the swing not knowing how to a man sweetness came up and 
push me the chair and I moved I felt a smile felt with happiness what 
is this feeling am I feeling happiness love the first day that minute 
him and his wife connected with me they didn't care how I look they 
didn't care about my issues the care what was inside sadness trying to 
overtake happiness the sall I was a fighter and that moment I knew the 
wonted me as much as I wanted them. They took me home and I met their 
son not knowing what he was  some way I was scared that they were ganna 
abandon me like my devils back in hell but they were my angles who came 
to save me the promise the will never do such thing. Knowing how to 
walk I loved to be carried but the taught me walking is better I use to 
wake up  7 times screaming of the nightmare my home the hell pit of 
devils. During when it was time to eat I ate and ate till I puke cause 
I didn't know when the next time I will eat will it be now are never ? 
the taught me that no matter what thell keep me and feed me and love me 
and I look into their eyes and knew that was a promises thell always 
keep from today till forever thell love me and this is my stories. 


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