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the wonder of it all (standard:Editorials, 996 words)
Author: AnonymousAdded: Dec 27 2009Views/Reads: 3268/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
take a read and see what happen to and old hateful miser

The wonder of it all 

Many times in my life I have wondered about life in general, what is
this life all about,, we have some people that thrive, and others that 
struggled just to eat, a poor man is usually a borrower from the rich 
man which makes him a servant to the rich so to speak, Greed is 
something that a lot of people have, it burns in the heart of those who 
would want to gain a lot of money, it begins to create in them a 
longing to have more and more . And they are so busy trying to 
accomplish this that they lose track of what life is all about, because 
they are so consumed over money and  material things they lose any 
human emotion of being settled just to get along quite conformable is 
not enough for the greedily of  heart. I knew a man who was a miser he 
wore the same clothes for years, he never fixed up his old house, and 
never put in water  or modern things ...he was a wealthy man and was 
not about to spend on anything that would dip into his money barrel. 
Money has a way of getting a hold on people, and this man was lost in 
greed, question is what good is it to have money and not spend it for 
needful things? The man grew old and he turned eighty seven , along 
come a single seventy year old woman, who knew of his wealth, she was a 
gold digger, he fell into her trap, his mind stayed good, and his 
health fail some, but not so bad that he could not  make choices, 
Little did he know that this old gal had a gleam in her eye with dollar 
signs , She apparently give the old miser some awful good kisses and 
affections, he married her and she cut him off his vitamins and was 
giving him sexual drugs to help him perform some,. As anyone knows you 
cannot put jet fuel in a old t model car, nor can you give sexual 
enhancements drugs to old men without taking them to the grave, To make 
a long story short the old man died,  he had bought her a house and  
lot, and paid her son our  trouble where he has stole money off a fire 
department , and the old miser was out thirty thousand on the sons 
little deal She just as well put a gun to the old miser head and pulled 
the trigger, she committed the perfect crime right legal like, and his 
fortune he has saved all the past years was gone , gone to a woman who 
never had not once ouch of affection toward him in the first place... 
This is the truth , after his death her and the son found seventy five 
thousand more dollars in and old closet where  he has stashed it , She 
clean the old tight miser plow, she used just a little kiss a little 
phony like affections and the old miser fell head long into her little 
trap.. It don't take a rocket scientist to figure out why would a 
seventy year old woman  would want a eighty seven year old man , one 
word explains it all (Money!!!) It's a shame that people are like the 
old tight miser was, all those years of saving ever dollar and being to 
tight to fix up his  house and buy new clothes ..every dollar was gone, 
and he was gone, but the old gal was living the life , altogether she 
clean him of three hundred thousand dollars with hardly any effort at 
all.. Guess the great writers are right woman are men worse weakness,, 
the old miser brother lived across the road from him and he is a poor 
man and alive today, it would have been so must right if he has left 
his poor brother all his money,,  at the old man funeral were hardly 
anyone showed up, his kin was well aware of what he had allowed to 
happen , ever neighbor knew  what a tight man he was and a hateful old 
cuss to boot,, its amazing what a woman can do to get what she wants 
from a far as I know the old gal is still alive feasting on 
and old tight  miser saved up fortune, maybe after she get all his 
money spend she can  find another old tight miser to fall in with and 
clean his plow too,, as far a I can tell this old dude was and idiot 
and could not see passed his own nose, he has had a lick of sense he 
would have seen right off what this old gal was up to, lust at the age 
of eighty seven and greed parted him and his fortune from this world, 
Now if you have a lot of money laid back you may been like this old 
chap , taken in by some hussy  who will clean your money plow,, is it 
no terrible of what folks can do,? How they can let  others take 
advantage of them, like this old man done, his money need amounted to 
anything in his behalf , and if some of his kinfolks had warned him 
that maybe this woman was after his money , he would have cussed them 
and scorned them for meddling in his business,... how a man spends  his 
dime is his choice I guess but  this old tight fart deserved what he 
got for being such a tight hateful old cuss. Ever dog has his day and 
as far as I am concerned he was a dog a dog after money a tight wod  so 
the moral of this true story is there is a perfect murder as legal as 
your  marriage certificate , it takes and cunning old mean bitch to 
perform such a feat  ... 


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