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Incomplete. (standard:other, 3148 words)
Author: ChrissyDAdded: Jul 24 2010Views/Reads: 2662/1901Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Confused girl, finds what she needs.

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wish my stomach would stop flipping out. It's not like this is any big 
deal. I'm just talking to a girl “Oh, you didn't upset me.” Lie. Well, 
half lie. “I'm just a little off this morning." “I know how you feel. 
I'm Haven, by the way.” “I know. I mean, my name's Alleah.” “Hmmm. . 
That's new. But pretty.” Was she flirting with me? “Well I gotta go.” 
“Yeah. Me too. See ya around.” She waved. I watched her as she walked 
away. That was when I noticed the tiniest of tiny symbols on her 
backpack. Even with my 20/20 vision I had to squint to see it. It was a 
rainbow heart, right under the zipper of the smallest pocket, hidden 
behind a key chain. Does that mean what I think it means? I smirked. I 
knew it. 

At our school, the late bell for the next class rings at 8:30. I walked
into that class at 8:34. Man, that girl had me shook up. I don't even 
like girls that way! What the hell? “Nice of you to finally join us, 
Ms. Shepard.” The French teacher, Mrs. Boulieaux said as I walked in. 
“Is there a reason you're so late?” “Yes.” I replied. Then the whole 
class turned around to stare at me. But I had already seen that flash 
of red hair, she didn't even have to turn around for me to notice her. 
Oh, why did I wear sweatpants today? She probably thinks I'm such a 
slob. “And would you care to tell me what that reason is?” “Not 
particularly. There was just a holdup.” Immediately I regretted saying 
that. I don't know why I did at all. “That's enough. Take your seat, 
next to Ms. Cardell. Haven, raise your hand.” “I know who she is.” I 
said. My, my, I know who she is. I walked over to the table for two she 
was sitting at. The table I sat at with Amy Colasanti before her family 
moved back to Georgia. “You again.” Haven said as I sat down. “Small 
school.” “Or maybe we just find pleasure in the same activities.” She 
replied with a sly smile. Then she turned around to get her notebook 
out of her backpack. It's a good thing she turned around, too. I was 
blushing fiercely and I didn't want her to see. I finally recovered, 
“What's that supposed to mean?” She turned back around to face me. She 
looked me directly in the eyes. Jesus, her eyes. Those eyes, set into 
her light olive skin, were a perfect emerald green. It might have made 
her even more beautiful; the navy flecks in her eyes. They were 
amazing. It was like land and sea blending together. The green of the 
Earth in springtime, along with the dark mystery of deep unknown water. 
“Mmm. . I guess you'll have to figure that one out.” She said after 
what seemed like hours of staring into the vast depths of her gorgeous 
eyes. I had almost forgotten what we were talking about. Let me just 
say that it's a damn good thing our teacher started talking right about 
then. The teacher put on a video on vowels and past tenses. As we sat 
next to each other, there in the dark, I could feel the weight of her 
leg against mine. And whenever she would move her leg even the 
slightest, I could feel the toned muscle of her leg moving against 
mine. I looked over at her. I wondered if she was feeling what I was 
feeling. I wanted to grab her hand, and hold it close to me. I wanted 
to feel the weight of her arm around my shoulder. I wanted to pull her 
close to me and feel her heart beat against mine. I wanted things I 
couldn't want. I thought of all this, as I sat there staring at her, 
willing her not to feel my eyes. I didn't want to look away. My eyes 
made their way down her body. Her slim waist expanded at the shoulders, 
where her biceps, triceps, and back muscles came together. She had 
muscle but it looked nice on her, not overworked and bulgy. Even in her 
oversized sweatshirt and baggy pants, she looked unbelievable. But I 
did wish she would take off that jacket, so I could get a better look 
at her. No, stop Alleah. You have a boyfriend. You do not like girls. 
Just stop. “Alleah, stop.” I heard Haven say. Wait, did she say that? 
Huh? “Huh?” “Your pen.” She said, pointing at it in my hand. Then 
putting her hand over mine, for far too short of a moment, she took the 
pen from me. “You're clicking it.” “Oh. Oops.” I smiled at her, a 
guilty kind of smile. I felt like I'd been caught at something, 
something very bad. “Are you always this spaced out or did I just get 
lucky?” “You got lucky.” “Oh, did I?” She said with her smirk, which I 
had already grown accustomed to. She laughed after she said this. “How 
lucky?” She muttered. “What?” I pretended not to hear her, in hopes my 
face would stay one color. I don't think it worked too well though, 
since I felt my face heat up. “Oh. . nothing. .” “Whatever.” Then we 
both laughed. Hard. She was just so honest and outspoken. It seemed 
like she didn't hold much back, although I knew she did. I knew she had 
a lot of secrets. I knew she harbored a lot of pain. I silently vowed 
to myself, right there in the classroom, that one day she would trust 
me with her secrets. We would have secrets of our own. She would be 
able to be free and say what she wanted with me. If only with me. I 
would make her forget all her past pain. “Girls.” The teacher warned. I 
snapped back to reality. “Sorry Mrs. Boulieaux.” Haven and I just 
looked at each other. You know that feeling you get when you know your 
life has just changed in some huge way? Well I immediately knew that 
feeling when I first saw Haven. And I knew once I met her that I was 
already in way too deep to ever have a fighting chance at getting back 
out. But right then, in that moment with her, I don't think I would 
have tried to get out, even if I had been offered the chance. 

Chapter Two 

The third day since Haven came to our school. I was sitting in Algebra
thinking about her. I decided something had to be done about this. She 
was all I could think about. When I went to my dance class last night, 
I was off focus the whole night. The one thing that always calms me, 
always helps me gather myself. Well, I guess since I'm reexamining 
everything else I thought was true, why not that too? This girl has 
just got me so shook up. Yesterday in French, she took down her hair, 
something I've learned she does not do a lot. I think she was showing 
off. I mean, she's already breathtaking with her hair up. But when she 
takes it down, her vibrant, straight red locks hang down to the middle 
of her back. And the smell of it, her hair, it's absolutely 
intoxicating. Everything about her is. So I set out to make a list. Why 
I Cannot Fall In Love With Haven Cardell; 1. Obvious, she's a girl. 2. 
I don't like girls. 3. I have a boyfriend who I love. 4. Who knows what 
my friends would say 5. Or my mother. 6. Her hair, eyes, body, and face 
might be beautiful but, 

I decided it would be best to stop at 5, considering what number 6 was
going to be. I was supposed to be convincing myself of the negative. 
Avoid the positive. I admit though, it was a pretty pathetic list. All 
generic reasons. Nothing on that list sounded like I meant it. I was 
undeniably and completely screwed. 

“I can't believe we've only been back in school three weeks.” I said to
Kenzy, as we pulled into the school parking lot. “I know. This year is 
going by so slow.” She said as she looked for a parking space. “Want 
one?” she asked as she pulled out her pack of Camels. “Sure.” I 
replied. Where is she? I wondered. Haven wasn't in school yesterday, 
and she better be here today. Where was she? Who was she with? Snap out 
of it, Leah. “Ally!” Kenzy yelled. “What? Don't call me that.” “Sorry. 
You were zoning out.” “You've got to be kidding me.” “What?” Oh, I said 
that out loud. “Nothing. Just thinking.” Another lie. I've been doing 
that a lot lately. I just didn't want Kenzy to know what I was really 
thinking. Which is, Haven just pulled in. And parked right next to us. 
Of course. This girl has amazing timing. I got out of the car. “are you 
gonna light that?” Kenzy asked. “uhh, yeah.” I got out a lighter, then 
lit my cigarette. Haven got out of her car. I didn't know she could 
drive. Huh. “Hey.” I said to her. She did a double take. “Oh. Alleah. 
Hey.” I smiled. I love it when she says my name. “Hey.” I said again. 
I'm so dumb. “I can't believe a girl like you is out here smoking.” 
“What is that supposed to mean?” “Well, let me see. . You're in honors 
and AP classes, which I bet you get straight A's in. You wear designer 
clothes. Your parents are still together. You have big football star 
boyfriend. You have - ” “Okay. I get it. But that doesn't mean 
anything. I'm not perfect.” “You seem pretty perfect to me.” She 
muttered. I blushed. “But - ” The bell rang and cut me off. “See ya.” 
She said. “Yeah.” What was all that about? She's trying to drive me 
crazy. She's playing with my head. I hate mind games. “What was all 
that about?” Kenzy asked. I had forgotten she was standing there. “Uhm. 
Nothing.” I said. “let's go." 

The rest of the school day was a bit of a blur. I couldn't stop thinking
about what Haven had said that morning. I couldn't get her out of my 
mind at all. I drove home that day in silence. Why couldn't I get her 
out of my head? “Leah!” My mom's voice interrupted my thoughts. “Yeah?” 
I called. “Caiden's here!” “Tell him I'm sleeping.” “Okay?” She said, 
sounding confused. I didn't want see him. Not until I figured all this 
out. “Alleah?” I heard my mom say as she knocked at my door. “Yes?” 
“Can I come in?” “I guess.” I replied as she walked in anyway. “Honey, 
why don't you want to see that young man?” “Mom. . . ” “Are you guys 
having problems?” “Mom.” “Is he pressuring about. . you know. . S-” 
“Mom! No!” “Well then what is it?” “Mom. It's nothing. I'm just tired. 
I want to take a little nap.” “Oh. Okay, sweetie. If you say so.” “I 
do.” “But I want you to know that you can talk to me about anything. 
Anything at all. I'm here for you.” “ I know Mom.” “Okay. Good, I love 
you.” “Love you, too.” And then she walked out of the room, leaving me 
to think some more. But this time, about what Mom said. Could I really 
talk to her about anything? What would she say if she found out her 
‘perfect' daughter was having thoughts about another girl? I doubt that 
thought has ever even crossed her mind. I somehow don't believe that 
she'd be okay with all that. She says I can talk to her, but I don't 
think I can. 

I walked into the yearbook room after school; I had a bunch of papers to
turn in. But when I walked in, all of the lights were off. How weird, I 
thought. I flipped on the lights. The only person sitting in the room 
was Haven. Why is she here? I wondered. She doesn't even take yearbook. 
I looked at her. She was wearing, quite possibly, the sexiest outfit I 
have ever seen any person wear. Her shirt was lavender. It was a simple 
v-neck tee, low cut in the front so I could see the lacy lime green bra 
she had underneath. She was wearing a black skirt, not too short but 
the way she was sitting on the table, it was just short enough to 
reveal her matching green thong. The skirt looked stretchy and had 
multiple horizontal slits across one side of her hip, so I could see 
little patches of her skin. She looked absolutely alluring. God, I 
wanted to - "Wait." She said. I looked at her. "Turn the lights back 
off. I liked it dark in here." "Okay. . . " I turned the lights back 
off. "Thank you. That's much better." She said, well actually it was 
more of a whisper. This is too weird. But I think I like it. Hmmm. . I 
wonde - "You can come closer, you know. I'm not gonna bite." She said, 
interrupting my thoughts. I swallowed hard. "Okay then. . " So I walked 
closer to where she was, but not too close. I knew she wasn't going to 
bite, but the girl made me nervous. 


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