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Incomplete. (standard:other, 3148 words)
Author: ChrissyDAdded: Jul 24 2010Views/Reads: 2366/1713Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Confused girl, finds what she needs.


Christine Lanham 

Chapter 1 

You know that feeling you get when you know your life is about to change
in some huge way? Well I immediately knew that feeling when I woke up 
that morning. It was freezing in my room; this winter had been 
unusually cold. I just wanted to curl up in my comforter and lay there 
all day. It didn't help that it was the first day back to school after 
break, either. “Alleah!” Ugh. Mother, shut up. “I know mom. I'm getting 
ready.” Lie. I ducked under the covers and drifted in and out of sleep. 
I must have actually fallen asleep at some point, because the next 
thing I knew, my mom was banging at my bedroom door. “Alleah Tarin 
Shepard! Get your ass out of bed!” “I'm up, I'm up.” I stumbled out of 
bed. Where's my shirt? Ah! Found it. I looked around for a pair of 
jeans, but they were all in the washer. Guess I'm wearing sweats today. 
Oh well. “Alleah!” my mom barked. “What?!” “Are you up?” “Yes. God. I'm 
grabbing my keys now.” I walked out my door. “See?” “I really wish you 
would wear proper clothes to school.” “Mom, they're sweatpants. Not a 
micro-mini. Chill.” “You really should care more about your appearance 
honey. You're almost 17 years old. Soon you'll be out in the real, 
professional world. And they don't accept things like that. They'll 
chew you up and spit you out without even thinking first.” “Goodbye, 
mother.” “Goodbye. Have a good day.” 

Ugh. Another day at school. Winter break was definitely not long enough.
I walked down the hallway to my locker, got out my AP Chemistry, 
Algebra 2 Honors, and Anatomy books. Yet again I wondered why I was 
taking all these classes. Obviously to “prepare myself for the future”. 
What bullshit. No, it's not really. Why have I been so negative lately? 
“Leah!” I turned around. Great. It was my boyfriend. We had been dating 
for over a year. And yeah, things had gotten well, horizontal. To put 
it nicely. Not that I didn't like it, but lately, he's just been all 
over me. I don't know why it bugs me, it shouldn't. Whatever, it's not 
his fault I guess. He is an eighteen year old boy. “Hi Caiden.” “Hey 
babe.” He leaned into me for a kiss. I pushed him away. “God, Cay.” I 
don't know what's wrong with me? Why is he bugging me so much today? 
“Baby, what's wrong?” “I don't know. Just stressed.” Stressed? About 
what? “Okay. Well I gotta go by Mr. McCormick's class to hand in my 
report.” He kissed me. “Kay. Bye.” I muttered. I don't even think he 
heard me. I slammed my locker shut, feeling frustrated. I have 
everything I've ever wanted. I haven't even had to work that hard for 
it. Why am I so ungrateful? Why am I so unhappy? I thought about this 
as I walked down the hallway to homeroom. I walked through the door of 
my AP Chemistry class and made my way to my seat. That was when I saw 
her for the first time. Who's that? I wondered. And I must have 
answered out loud, because Aaron Williamson, my lab partner, answered 
me. “That's the new girl, Haven Cardell.” She was running past the 
window, outside on the track. She had stunning red hair; the kind you 
can't get from a bottle. It was pulled back into a sloppy ponytail, and 
it swung as she ran. She was wearing spandex shorts that accentuated 
her long muscular legs. She was as athletic as she was beautiful. She 
continued running, out of my sight line. “Excuse me. Mrs. Shepard.” Mr. 
Harrison was standing right in front of my table, staring at me, as I 
had just been staring at Haven. “The mass of Ammonium?” “Uhm, I don't 
know sir.” “Well pay attention and you might figure it out.” The class 
snickered. It wasn't often that I messed up, so people notice when I 
did. “Sorry.” Damn. I didn't even hear the bell ring. When did class 
start? Shit, it's already almost time to go. How long was I staring out 
that window? I don't know. But that girl, God. There's something about 
her. . There's the bell. “Leah, you coming?” It was my best friend, 
Kenzy. We usually walked to class together. But there was something 
else I had to do today. “Uh, yeah. Hey, I gotta go by the yearbook room 
to give Mrs. Vail my form.” “You want me to go with you?” “No, that's 
okay.” “Alright. See you in Anatomy.” “Bye.” I gotta find this girl. 
Maybe she'll still be in the gym. I walked, fast, to the gym. About 
half way there I ran into her. Literally. “I'm so sorry. I. . ” I said, 
bending over to pick up books. It was only after I looked up that I 
realized who I was apologizing to. “Oh.” My stomach dropped about 4 
feet. “What?” She was glaring at me. Oh God, she hates me. She hates 
me. “Oh, nothing. I just. . I . . uhh . . I'm so sorry. I'm not. . I . 
.” Why weren't the words coming out? “Relax, hun. It's no big deal, I 
was just kidding. I didn't mean to upset you.” She called me hun. I 

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