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Merry Christmas, Mr. Holmes (standard:mystery, 931 words)
Author: rmarstonAdded: Sep 01 2010Views/Reads: 3457/2112Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A fun fan fiction story starring Sherlock Holmes.

Wisps of yellow fog still curled over the cobbles of Baker Street on an
unusually mild Christmas morning. 

Holmes was up early, reading his paper, when a brisk knock rattled at
the door, causing him to reply, pipe in hand: 

“Come in, my boy.” 

A moment later, a street ragamuffin, almost lost in an over-sized jacket
and cap, burst in with a cheerful “Mornin' Guv., 

telegram for you here, sir,” thrusting a grimy hand towards Holmes. 

Handing the lad a coin – to his obvious delight – Holmes wished him a
happy Christmas and showed him out. 

‘What a bright young fellow,” I remarked. “How did you know it was a

“Who else would come bounding up the stairs three at a time while 

whistling like a tea kettle?”, he laughed, opening the telegram. 

Glancing at it, he then read it aloud to me, 

his features registering amusement rather than concern. 

'Merry Christmas, Mr. Holmes First of four' 

“Not signed, Watson. A well-wisher, perhaps. A little mystery to begin
our day.” 

Holmes sat down to finish his morning paper, while I leaned back for

a little longer to wake up, as it was not yet eight o'clock. 

When he had scanned every page to his satisfaction, he spoke. 

“Rest a while longer, old fellow. In a hour or so, we shall indulge in a

breakfast of rashers, eggs and piping hot coffee at Simpson's.” 

True to his word, Holmes hailed a hansom at 9:30 which soon deposited 

us at Simpson's-in-the -Strand, opposite Trafalgar Square, one of his
favorite eating places. 

As might be expected on this holiday, the restaurant was nearly empty. 

We took our customary seats at any rate and soon were confronted by a

blowzy woman, well past middle-age, with pad in hand. ‘What can I be
gettin' you gentlemen this fine mornin'?”, she inquired with a broad 
smile that exposed several missing teeth. 

“Nellie isn't here today, then, I take it?”, Holmes noted. 

“No, she's off today, dears. Oh....and are you Sherlock Holmes and 

Doctor Watson?, she exclaimed. Nellie told me you might be comin'. Oh,
dear me, 

I'm so nervous. I've heard so much about you, Mr. Holmes. You're a

Holmes brushed off the compliment and we placed our orders. 

Other than spilling a bit of the coffee on Holmes, for which she
apologized profusely, 

the waitress brought everything successfully to our table and we then 

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