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BECAUSE OF THE RED BALLOON (standard:Inspirational stories, 699 words)
Author: azzirAdded: Nov 03 2010Views/Reads: 3003/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Everything is possible. And mine is because of the red balloon. May u enjoy reading it:)


It was Friday afternoon when I laid down at the veranda. My body's
frail, and my brain was malfunctioning due to heavy exams. I had not 
eaten breakfast and lunch because I still have thesis to finish. I've 
got one more hour to freshen before my work starts. 

This is me – at daytime, I am a student and during evenings, I am an
employee. I earn for myself to support my education. Sometimes, I often 
envy those students who can afford an elegant lifestyle – without 
worrying of where to get funds for their books, projects, including 

At the moment, I wanted to give up. I have no more strength and courage
to go on – to follow my dreams. I tell you, it's definitely not easy to 
keep on chasing with the star. I am now prepared to waive the banner, 
and go home as a looser. I'm so drained; everything around me is 
depressing – very low grade, weak body due to long hours of sleepless 
nights, unfinished projects, and pressures at work. 

I'm about to stand and go in my room to pack up my things when I see a
red balloon up in the sky. I observed it, and it's slowly ascending up 
in the sky trying to reach the topmost part. I thought it will keep on 
soaring with no interruption. However, as it is on its way up, a strong 
wind suddenly block its way tossing the balloon to and fro. In my mind 
I said, ‘I'm pretty sure that the balloon will pop in just a few 
second'. I waited for five minutes already but still the balloon keeps 
on rising though it goes along with the wind. 

Unexpectedly, five minutes after small drizzle is coming ‘til it turns
into raindrops. Looking at the balloon which is fortunately – keeps on 
ascending, I laughed and said, 'This time, I'm very sure, you will be 
destroyed. With the heavy rain, you little balloon will be put to 
ruin'. It is expected that the balloon will explode anytime because of 
the heavy rain, a conclusion that is universally accepted. To my 
surprise, the balloon remains steady. Yes, it no longer goes up but it 
stands still. There's no more rain, sunshine's shrouding the entirety 
and the balloon continues its journey – on the way up. 

I was touched of the balloon's journey. I witnessed how it started and
how it survived with the challenges on its way up. With the split of a 
second, I correlated myself to the balloon. I am the balloon who tries 
its best to reach its goal. I thought going through my dream is quite 
easy – no interruption at all. However, along the way, I encountered 
challenges – some are just minor which are considered as the winds. 
Yes, all I did is to go with the flow, and though the pace is slow I 
keep on pursuing my goal. 

Now, I'm facing the major storms of my life – very low grades, work
pressures, never ending projects, weak body. This is the crucial moment 
– do I have to give up or I'll follow the journey of the red balloon? 
The former is the easier way to do, and the latter though exhausting 
might be the best option. What shall I do then? Like the balloon, maybe 
I can stop and contemplate - contemplating on my vision, my inspiration 
together with the effort which I have already poured. 

Then I realized of how lucky I am than the red balloon because I have
‘MANY' to lean on. First, I have our Almighty God who never hesitates 
to help me during trouble times – reaching HIM is very feasible through 
wholehearted prayers. Second, I have my family who lifts me up when I'm 
down. Third, I have tons of friends who are encouraging me not to give 
up and are always at my back. 


I am now on my way to the stage, and my name will be called in just a
few seconds. I'm about to receive the certificate which I putted much 
effort and hard work  ...and it all happened because of the red 


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