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Dylan And Buster (standard:poetry, 200 words)
Author: GrannyAdded: Nov 11 2010Views/Reads: 1978/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Dylan is anticipating riding his new horse.

Dylan and Buster 

His horse stood there looking at him They were almost eyeball to eyeball
Buster the Palomino and Dylan his owner. Dylan had decided this was the 
day he was going to ride him, Buster decided he definitely was not! 

As Dylan neared with his saddle Buster began backing up, still staring,
nostrils flaring. No one, not even Dylan, was going to put that 
contraption on him! 

Determination was etched on both faces, Buster's was wary, Dylan's was
scary. Dylan had been working toward this moment, ever since his 12th 
birthday, when Buster became his. 

As Dylan edged forward, he sensed panic rising up in Buster. Not wanting
this moment of joy for him, be a moment of terror for Buster, he put 
the saddle down, reached into his pocket and pulled out Buster's 
favorite treat, oatmeal molasses cookies. 

While he ate his tasty sweet cake, and Dylan nuzzled his snout, Buster
remembered the love between them, and thought it might be alright. So, 
Dylan put the saddle on while Buster stood so still. With Dylan upon 
his back, they both felt the thrill of racing across the meadow, as boy 
and horse became one and the same. 


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