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Little Girl Lost (standard:other, 1440 words)
Author: annabelleAdded: Aug 05 2011Views/Reads: 2351/1632Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This story is about a young girl who must give her baby up for adoption. It tells about her feelings and everything else she must go through.

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the baby when she was about 1 month old.  Ann said she would try. 

The next week would be very hard for Jackie because when the nurses
would bring in the babies in to their mothers and Jackie didn't get her 
baby. In the dark of the night when Jackie would hear the babies cry 
she would always wonder if it was her baby that was crying She wanted 
so bad to go and hold her child close and say it's all right mommy's 
here.  They knew they had to decide on a name. Before Ann left the 
hospital she would help Jackie settle on the name Joan for her baby. 

The six days and nights seemed to creep by so slowly. Finally it was
time to go home. Jackie asked the nurse if she could see her baby 
before she left the hospital the nurse said she could. Jackie was very 
anxious as she walked over to the large window where you could see all 
the little blue and pink blankets telling if the baby was a boy or girl 
the nurse walked over with the little pink bundle and held her up for 
Jackie to see. Jackie would have felt so bad if her baby had been 
crying but, she wasn't she was yawning as if she needed her nap. Jackie 
could see her and Rob in the little face. She then went towards the 
exit door and out of the hospital. At home there was not one word said 
about the baby. Everything was kept hush, hush. In the sixties everyone 
would say what would the neighbors think. 

After a couple of weeks Jackie received a call from Ann to come to her
office. Jackie's mom drove her to the welfare office. When Jackie 
walked in Ann handed her something it was a black and white photo of a 
little girl lying in a bassinet she was wearing a white dress. The 
little girl had big eyes like Jackie's. Jackie knew right away it was 
her little girl. Ann told her she looks like you but Jackie could see 
Rob also in the little face. Jackie thanked Ann and left with her 
precious picture.  She sat in the backseat of the car and looked at her 
picture she then leaned over the front seat to show her mom who didn't 
utter a word when she saw it. 

Jackie would go back home and wait another six weeks before she would
see the lawyer.  She was working in a small eatery not really thinking 
about the time or days that passed very quickly. The day finally came 
when Ann called and said it was time for Jackie to see the lawyer. She 
boarded the bus to make her last trip to the Welfare office. Ann met 
her when she got off the bus. The lawyer's office was a couple of 
blocks down the street it was a beautiful day.  Ann and Jackie chatted 
all the way. 

Finally they walked into the lawyer 's office. He was a very nice man
and didn't pressure Jackie  at all. He must have asked her at least six 
times are you sure this is what you want to do? Jackie wanted to scream 
at the lawyer no! This is not what I want to do this is what I have to 
do. He then asked her to sit at his desk to sign paper after paper. 

Everything was finally taken care of and Jackie and Ann made the walk
back to the bus stop. The day wasn't as beautiful as it had been just a 
few hours before. Jackie said goodbye to Ann for the last time and 
boarded the bus for home. Jackie knew she would always think about the 
little girl that she signed away. 


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