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Little Girl Lost (standard:other, 1440 words)
Author: annabelleAdded: Aug 05 2011Views/Reads: 2306/1596Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This story is about a young girl who must give her baby up for adoption. It tells about her feelings and everything else she must go through.

LITTLE GIRL LOST Word count 1440 

Jackie was young when she met Rob. He was older and he knew a lot more
about life. Jackie came from an abusive family her father drank and her 
mom wasn't very compassionate. She became so fond of Rob she did not 
know he was a married man with children and getting pregnant never 
entered her mind until it happened. Jackie was scared and numb about 
being pregnant while Rob just smiled. 

Jackie knew she could not keep the baby she could not take a child into
the atmosphere where she lived. She started making plans right away for 
her child to be adopted. There were no open adoptions in the sixties. 
Everything was so permanent and this meant no contact at all with the 
child   Sounds pretty bad, well it was. Rob said he and his wife would 
take the baby, but Jackie said no to that idea. 

Jackie thought about these words. When you carry a baby for nine months
in your body and you have to give that baby away and never know if   
she or he might be abused. The thought and the hurt would be so 
overwhelming. It is a feeling you carry with you for the rest of your 

Jackie started with the local welfare dept this was so hard for her
since she had never made a decision in her life.  Her caseworker's name 
was Ann she was a very nice, compassionate woman. Jackie had never 
known this type of person. She would go to see Ann once a month until 
her due date. Every time she went to see Ann she brought new Ideas how 
she could keep her baby. Maybe someone she knew might want to adopt a 
child. Ann would always tell Jackie why that wasn't a good option. She 
had a way of helping her understand.  This time was very hard with no 
support at home. 

Jackie's baby was due June 24th, once when she was at the library she
saw a book named June 24th she took it home and read it and never could 
remember what it was about. Rob was happy with his family so Jackie had 
to ditch him. She never saw him again. She was very angry about the 
fact that Rob never told her he was married he led her on and then left 
her hold the bag or should I say baby. 

Jackie tried to be strong, but in the darkness of her bedroom at night
the tears would flow over the child she had to give away. She kept all 
her appointments with Ann growing more nervous with each trip. She knew 
the time was drawing near for her baby to be born. She had no family to 
talk to. Her sisters just went on their way as if nothing was going on. 
Her mom would just say Jackie you got yourself in this mess so you'll 
have to deal with it. 

One morning it was about six 6:am when Jackie s labor pains started.
The date was June 24th her baby was right on time. Jackie would have to 
ride to the hospital with her dad on his way to work. She would be 
dropped off. Her mom said she didn't like hospitals so she stayed away. 

Jackie stood at the desk in the hospital and looked at the large clock
behind it. It was almost 7:00 a nurse came and took her to a room with 
three other girls who were ready to deliver. Someone must have told 
them about her situation because she heard one of the girls say. I 
don't care if I had 15 babies I would never give any of them away. This 
statement hurt Jackie so much she lay in the bed and cried for a long 
time. That girl knew nothing about Jackie's situation. 

A nurse came and took Jackie to the delivery room.  She gave her a shot
and that was all she remembered. When she woke up the first thing she 
did was feel her stomach and it felt flat. She knew her baby had been 
born. The large clock on the wall showed the time to be 8:00am 

Ann walked into the room and Jackie could tell she had a lot of empathy
for her. She said she weighed six pounds and nine ounces she continued; 
you did know your baby was a girl didn't you? Ann looked surprised when 
Jackie shook her head meaning no. Jackie knew nothing about her 
delivery or her baby. 

Jackie thought this was kept secret because she was adopting. Ann told
Jackie the baby would be in a foster home until it was time to see a 
lawyer to sign papers. Jackie asked Ann to try and get her a picture of 

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