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Isn't love grand (standard:other, 4102 words)
Author: CarlAdded: Sep 18 2000Views/Reads: 1995/1265Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
High school boy Mike trys to become his own person, and figure out if love realy exists in high school(movie script)

Isnít Love Grand? 

Screenplay by Marcus Miller 

Story by Marcus Miller 

Directed by Marcus Miller 



Scene A- Int. Room Day 

Camera pans down to a messy room. Garbage and clothes are scattered
throughout the room. MIKE lays on his bed. he is face down in shorts 
and a T-shirt. A blanket is slung over his body slightly he still has 
on his shoes. The phone rings and he reaches for it. He picks it up, we 
hear only his side of the conversation. 

Mike Hello? What? No man, I can't. I can't. What time? Come on
man...Alright, I'll be there. Carl? Seriously? Yeah I'm in. I'll see 
you there. 

Mike hangs up the phone and gets up. He expertly maneuvers through the
room to his closet. He grabs a few things and stumbles out of the room. 

Scene B-Int. Coffee Shop-Day 

Mike makes his way into the coffee shop. Mike has on a pair of black
jeans, and a pair of boots. He wears a gray T-shirt and has a red 
hooded sweatshirt and a overcoat over that. He walks over to a table 
where CHRIS sits. He wears the same thing, only with a yellow T-shirt 
and a gray sweatshirt. Mike sits down. 

MIKE You fly in or drive? 

CHRIS Very funny. 

MIKE What's up man, you look shot. 

CHRIS We are on day 3 of the end of the year party at Carl's man. It is
the biggest thing to happen to this town. 

MIKE Nice. 

Chris shakes his head and tries to open his eyes even further. 

MIKE Problems? 

CHRIS I just need some coffee to get back up. So what's new? 

MIKE Nothing man, I got home last night from the party and fell asleep.
Then you called. I got up and walked down here. 

CHRIS You called her first though... 

MIKE After the shower. 

CHRIS Figured. 

MIKE What does that mean? 

CHRIS It means you've turned into a slave my friend. 

MIKE What? 

CHRIS A slave. You aren't free. 

MIKE I'm free. 

CHRIS Listen to yourself. You call her before you do anything, you call
her when you get back from doing something. You have to call her to 
wipe your ass man. She has become your master, and I have to say I feel 

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