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Why can’t we just have fun? (standard:humor, 895 words)
Author: GodspenmanAdded: Apr 28 2013Views/Reads: 1150/766Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Some are so caught up in the vanity and vexations of life that they never know what it is like to just enjoy life. Why can’t we just have a little bit of fun?

The great pastime of America throughout the years has been sports.
Americans have been ingenious in turning something simple into a sport 
for everyone to enjoy. I must say I have enjoyed my share of sports. 

When younger, I was a baseball fan. I went to as many games as possible.
The Stadium in Baltimore Maryland was just a few minutes from my house 
so I could visit it often, and I often did. I did not really care who 
won the game as long as it was a good game played, not to mention the 

The Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage accused me of going to ball games
just to eat hotdogs. Whenever I would return from a ballgame the first 
question would be, not who won the game but, “How many hotdogs did you 

If the truth was known, and you will not get it from me, many a hotdog
sacrificed itself at a ballgame. After all, when you are watching a 
ballgame, who has time to keep track of how many hotdogs you are 

I did have a moment of anxiety once when my wife threatened to weigh me
before the game and then weigh me after the game to see if I had eaten 
too many hotdogs. When she first mentioned it I laughed, but I noticed 
she was not laughing, which caused me some deep concern. 

Fortunately, for me it never got to that but came perilously close. 

Nothing is more relaxing on a Saturday afternoon than sitting in a
ballpark watching a ballgame in progress. Somehow, all the cares of the 
world seem to flutter away while watching the game. 

It all ended for me one summer. 

I had come into the house from some chore and my wife greeted me by
saying, “Do you know your ball team is on strike?” 

I looked at her, laughed and said, “I know. They get three strikes and
then they're out. That's the way they play the game.” I winked at her 
and laughed good-naturedly. “Finally,” I said to her, “you're coming to 
understand what the game is all about.” 

“No, you don't understand. Your team is on strike.” 

“I get you, and this Saturday I'm going to go and watch them strike

It took me a while but finally my wife got through the thickness of my
skull and got me to understand the strike she was talking about was not 
the strike I was talking about. It is always nice when people are on 
the same page. 

In a marriage situation, the biggest challenge a couple has is staying
on the same page. Even though the husband and wife might be reading the 
same book, for some reason wives have the ability to read three or four 
chapters ahead. When a husband tries to correct her she impatiently 
says, “We were on that page last week. Try to keep up.” 

Try as we might, it is a rare husband who can keep up. But we try. 

When I got up to the same page as my wife about the baseball team on
strike, I was feeling rather low. “What do you think about your 
baseball game now,” she taunted. 

As it turned out, the baseball team was actually out on strike and if I
remember correctly, we missed the whole season that year. They were on 
strike for, you will never guess, more money. 

Up to that point, I thought the players played because they loved the
game. Boy was I on the wrong page with that. I went to games because I 
love the game and it did not matter to me who won or lost as long as it 
was a good game. 

Now, to find out that my heroes, if you can call them such, were
primarily interested in money was disheartening. I have never been able 
to watch a game since with the same excitement I did before. 

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