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How to Deal with Mother Nature’s Cold Shoulder (standard:humor, 910 words)
Author: GodspenmanAdded: Jan 26 2014Views/Reads: 6143/625Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
I have a little confession to make. I do not often make public confessions, but confession is good for the soul. My confession, however, has nothing whatsoever to do with my soul. Simply put, I am cold to the bone!

I have a little confession to make. I do not often make public
confessions, but confession is good for the soul. My confession, 
however, has nothing whatsoever to do with my soul. Simply put, I am 
cold to the bone! 

I guess I have been colder but I am suffering from brain freeze right

I was hoping all that chatter about global warming was somewhere in the
neighborhood of being true. If so, nobody happened to send the memo to 
Mother Nature. With the sophistication of our communication technology 
today, I am not sure how this memo failed to get to her. Of course, 
they could have sent the message with one of those infamous government 
computers. We all know how reliable they are. 

Another thought along this line is that maybe Mother Nature got the memo
all right, but, like all good mothers do, ignored it and went about her 
own business. After all, mothers really do know best even when it does 
not seem so at the time. 

However, I am cold and need some encouragement or at least some warm
thoughts along this line. The warmest thought I have had recently has 
been that I have relatives in colder areas then I am. I must confess it 
does make me feel a little better, just not that much warmer. 

Where I live we don't have that cold stuff that piles up on the ground
like they do up north keeping you from getting to where you want to go. 

Whoever was singing, “I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas,” please stop
singing, Christmas is over. Start dreaming about something a little 
warmer than all of that white stuff, like a Green Easter. 

This probably has been the coldest winter in a good long time and it got
me to thinking, after all, what else can you do when everything is 

With all the advancements in science and technology, why is it we cannot
control the weather? Something as simple as the weather and nobody 
seems to be able to control it. 

Politicians will get up and spout off at how they are going to change
things and control things and improve things. Well, Mr. Politician, why 
don't you begin with the weather? Change the weather for a change. 

Why can't these big shots control the weather? They spend a lot of time
(and our money) trying to control us. They now want to tell us what we 
can eat and cannot eat and how much soda we can drink at any one time. 
They tell us how much of our money we need to send back to the 
government so they can raise their salaries and increase their 

It seems quite a paradox that when our country is going through hard
times and people who pay the taxes have to tighten their belts that it 
is time for politicians to vote on a raise in their salary. For once, I 
would like to see these political big shots vote on decreasing their 
salary and standing alongside the American people. The danger of that 
is, it would be such a shock to the American people that people would 
be dropping dead left and right. 

So why can't these people control the weather? Why can't they pass a law
regulating the temperature? They have a law regulating everything else. 
Why not the temperature? Why not the weather? 

I am for having some of these politicians put together one of their
infamous “subcommittees,” sit down with Mother Nature and negotiate 
something that will make everybody happy, like warm weather. I would 
like to see some of my tax dollars go for something that would benefit 
everybody instead of some party at some insignificant political 

Personally, I think Mother Nature would be easy to work with under such
circumstances as we have today. Every mother has a nurturing side and I 
believe there is no exception here with good old Mother Nature. Maybe 
she does not know how inconvenient this cold weather has been for us. I 

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