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How to Deal with Mother Nature’s Cold Shoulder (standard:humor, 910 words)
Author: GodspenmanAdded: Jan 26 2014Views/Reads: 6158/635Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
I have a little confession to make. I do not often make public confessions, but confession is good for the soul. My confession, however, has nothing whatsoever to do with my soul. Simply put, I am cold to the bone!

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think she would be willing to negotiate a long these lines. 

I would like to select the politicians to be on this committee myself. I
have my own list and would be happy to set it up. The reason is, I know 
that when one of those politicians throws his chest out and begins one 
of those mind-numbing speeches, and you know they will, they always do, 
it will irritate Mother Nature. Boy, would I love to see her light into 
one of them. Nothing is more awesome than the fury of Mother Nature. 

Besides, nothing is more idiotic than men or women, big in their own
eyes, pontificating on things they cannot control as if they had any 
say in it. 

I think if you cannot control something as commonplace as the weather
you had better find out who can and align yourself up with that person. 

The Bible tells us exactly who that is. “The LORD is slow to anger, and
great in power, and will not at all acquit the wicked: the LORD hath 
his way in the whirlwind and in the storm, and the clouds are the dust 
of his feet” (Nahum 1:3). 

I do not have to deal with Mother Nature, who incidentally does not
exist; I deal with God who controls all things and I am happy to have 
him control my life as well. 


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