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A wonderful chocolate fantasy (standard:humor, 914 words)
Author: GodspenmanAdded: Mar 22 2014Views/Reads: 6807/614Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Within the confines of our blissful domicile, an ongoing controversy has all but come to an end. I like it when things are solved and I happen to be right. This time I was right. After all, if it is on TV it must be right!

Within the confines of our blissful domicile, an ongoing controversy has
all but come to an end. I like it when things are solved and I happen 
to be right. This time I was right. After all, if it is on TV it must 
be right! 

Controversies are not really that bad unless somebody is a sore loser.
Nobody likes a whiner or a sore loser. Of course, I have come close 
many times to be a sore loser. Fortunately, I have chosen to be just a 
loser. It makes for quietness in the home, if you know what I mean. 

For as long as the Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage and Yours Truly
have been married the one reoccurring controversy is in the state of 
chocolate in our home. According to one side, chocolate is bad and 
shall not be brought into this house. 

The other side, and I am not stating exactly which side I am on, says
the chocolate is delightful and wonderful and should be a regular 
consumption item in the house. 

No matter how eloquently I presented my case, the house rules were
simply this; no chocolate in our mansion. 

This has caused me a great deal of pain in trying to smuggle in the
delicacy without getting caught. Apparently, someone in our house can 
smell chocolate 13 blocks down the street. 

I tried some experimental strategy in this area. On my wife's birthday,
I would always get her a chocolate cake with chocolate icing and then 
have 13 candles on it. For several years, all she could focus on were 
the 13 candles. I love it when a plan comes together. 

Finally, she caught on and that plan had to be trashed. 

One of the busiest times around the parsonage is Thanksgiving. All of
the family in the area comes in for a delicious dinner as well as 
several friends who have nowhere else to go. On these occasions, I go 
out of my way and order a large chocolate cake with chocolate icing 
with a miniature turkey on the top. Everybody is focused on that 
miniature turkey. 

After a few years someone in the house caught on to my plan, kept the
turkey, but threw out everything underneath that turkey. As she was 
doing so, she looked at me with one of those looks. 

Back to the drawing board again. 

I did have some reprieve when the grandchildren were visiting. Everybody
knows grandchildren love chocolate and need chocolate to boost their 
energy level. For some reason, Grandma knew exactly when the children 
had consumed chocolate of any amount. 

“You do not have chocolate,” grandma would scowl at the grandchildren,
“do you?” 

As all good grandchildren do, they looked at grandma with chocolate all
over their phase and said as cute as possible, “Oh, no grandma.” It 
took a lot of practice for me to get them to that point of thespian 
excellence. I usually awarded them with another piece of chocolate, of 
course behind grandma's back. 

I cannot tell all of the pain and agony I have gone through in this area
of chocolate. Then, some medical research geek solved all of my 
problems in this area of chocolate. 

According to some medical research, there is something in dark chocolate
that is beneficial to our health. I do not know the details, but that 
is all I needed to know to bring my case to our home. 

I knew I had to present this in a manner that would be irresistible to
my wife. She is big on healthy eating. Every time we eat there is so 
much green on my plate that I am not sure if I am eating grass or what! 
She calls them vegetables; I have other names for them, which cannot be 

I knew I had to make the initial presentation a great presentation.

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