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The Thing I Miss the Most about Summer (standard:humor, 904 words)
Author: GodspenmanAdded: Sep 21 2014Views/Reads: 863/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
One man’s winter is another man’s summer and the joy of life is learning to appreciate what you may not really like.

Summer is over and winter is beginning to give us her cold shoulder. The
only way I can really handle winter is the hope of summer coming again 
in all her warm embraces. I can only take the shivers for so long. 

In our home, there is a divide over the subject. The Gracious Mistress
of the Parsonage lives for winter and I live for summer. How two people 
who can be so opposite and still live together harmoniously is one of 
the mysteries of matrimonial bliss. I endure her complaining about how 
hot it is during the summer and she somehow endures my shivering 
throughout the winter. And boy, do I shiver. 

I am not so sure what it is about winter that is so fascinating for her.
Maybe it is because she gets to wear more clothing than she can during 
the summer. Or, maybe she just likes the cold. That is not exactly true 
because once I gave her a cold shoulder and I have been paying for that 
ever since. She does have that cold stare when I am in trouble, but 
that comes during the summer as well as the rest of the year. 

Maybe she likes winter because in the middle of winter is Christmas. If
anybody loves Christmas, it is my wife. She begins her Christmas 
planning in January and knows exactly what she is going to buy 
throughout the year. I think it has something to do with when things go 
on sale or something like that. Personally, and do not let this get 
back to her, I think it is just an excuse to go shopping. I will not 
say she is a Shopaholic, but give her a coupon and she is off to the 
mall. You did not hear it from me. 

Also during the winter season is Thanksgiving where my wife outdoes
herself in making Thanksgiving dinner for all the family. She makes 
enough for an army and out of deep respect for her, I eat like an army. 
Actually, I eat until I hear that little whisper from the other end of 
the table, “Don't you think you have had enough?” What she does not 
understand is, when I am eating I am not thinking. 

As for me, I enjoy summer and all the laziness associated with
summertime. All those lazy, crazy days of summer were designed for 
people just like me. When it comes to lazy and crazy, I am the expert. 

I can remember years ago when I was doing something and my wife thought
it was a little out of line, she would say, “Are you acting crazy?” 

She does not say that anymore because she has concluded, and rightly so,
that I am not an actor. If I were acting, she is sure I would get an 

However, something about summer makes a person slow down a little bit
and not be in such a hurry. One of my excuses is that it is too hot to 
do anything today. I love that excuse because my wife always agrees. I 
cannot use that excuse in winter for obvious reasons. According to her, 
an activity will warm me up. I have never warmed up to that idea. 

I like summer because there are so many fun opportunities to get
together with family. Every summer we go and spend a week with my son 
and his family, which is one of the highlights of the summer. I only 
have one week out of the year to spoil his children so I try to make 
the best of it. 

If I had the ability to manipulate seasons, I would make sure that 11
months out of the year it would be summer. I would have to give one 
month to my wife for winter, but I would only give her one month. That 
is about all I can handle. Summer is a time to enjoy the nature God has 
created. It is wonderful to see green grass and green leaves on the 
trees and watching blossoms turn into full-fledged flowers. 

What could be better than sitting on the back porch with a tall glass of
iced lemonade watching the sunset? I love hearing the crickets in full 
concert and that only happens during the summer. Here in Florida we 
have little frogs that think they are crickets and chime in adding 
their voice to the evening music. 

Did I mention picnics? 

What would summer be without a picnic? In my mind, a picnic is an excuse
to overindulge in the fine art of stuffing yourself. The picnic is a 
little different so that somebody cannot query me with, “Don't you 
think you've had enough?” The “Food Whisperer” is not allowed at 
picnics. After all, at a church picnic it is imperative that I sample 
every dish brought to the picnic. I do not want to leave anybody out on 
this. The picnic is the time to let down your hair, if you have any, 
and just enjoy food and fellowship. 

It amazes me how fast time flies when you are not paying attention. King
Solomon understood this when he wrote, “To every thing there is a 
season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven” (Ecclesiastes 

One man's winter is another man's summer and the joy of life is learning
to appreciate what you may not really like. 


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