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People, after All, Are Just People (standard:humor, 909 words)
Author: GodspenmanAdded: Sep 28 2014Views/Reads: 836/552Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
It is comforting to know that people, after all, are just people and I count myself to be one of those “just people.”

I believe many people put too high importance on certain people as if
they were special. Everybody wants to be considered special, but then 
if everybody is special then nobody is special. 

Whatever anybody else thinks, I am growing weary of celebrities. We have
a terrible, incurable disease in our country called celebrititis. In my 
research, I have not found any cure for this. And believe me, I have 

Celebrities come in all sizes and shapes; sports, music, movies, TV,
news reporters and even religious leaders have gotten into this game. 
In our culture today, nothing really happens unless some celebrity does 
it or says it. 

Frankly, I am tired of all of that nonsense. I do not know one celebrity
I would take anything from that resembled the truth. A celebrity cannot 
think on his or her own, but must always rely upon a script. We all 
know what happens when they go off script. 

There is this phenomenon out in Hollywood called the red carpet. I am
not sure exactly what the red carpet is except that it is a carpet in 
the color red, thus The Red Carpet. And yet, if one of these 
celebrities walks on this so-called red carpet, everybody wants to take 
a picture of them. 

I cannot think of a celebrity anywhere, living or dead, that I would
like a photo. Have you ever seen one of these celebrities without their 
makeup? You would not recognize him or her. 

If I want a photograph these days, I want it to be of my family. In my
book, my family is all the celebrity I need. If I want to sit down and 
go through some pictures, I want it to be of my family, people that I 
know and love. I do not want it to be some made-up picture that has 
been photoshoped by some expert. Anybody who has a photograph taken of 
them and then has somebody touch it up and make it look better is a 
hypocrite. That is not the way they really look. 

Is there a celebrity anywhere that wants anybody to see them as they
really look? 

Celebrities are just people and we need to start treating them like the
people they are. 

A person is not important because they make a certain amount of money. A
person is not important because everybody recognizes them. 

Newscasters today have become celebrities in their own right or left
depending on their political position. Somehow, they have tricked us 
into thinking because they are celebrities and they look like $1 
million, that what they have to say is something I want to hear. 

When I was young, I watched the Three Stooges. They could make stupid
things funny. Now when they were making these stupid movies they were 
doing so on purpose. I laughed at them because what they did had an 
agenda to make me laugh. Nobody ever took what they did seriously. 

Now we have the Three-Stooges-syndrome in our newsrooms today. I often
wonder if they know how ridiculous they look and sound when they are 
touting their opinion about something going on in the world? Actually, 
when you think of it, they would make the Three Stooges envious. 

I think if our country is ever going to be saved, we are going to have
to somehow get rid of all of the celebrities. I know it is going to be 
hard, I know we will have severe withdrawals, but it will serve us well 
in the end. 

I am tired of celebrities and I want to see something real for a change.

Of course, we have on television now what is called reality shows. In
reality, these reality shows have not an ounce of reality to them. The 
thing that is so significant to me is, many people think it is reality. 

The only reality about these reality shows is the money these people are

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