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Everything New Gets Old Too Soon (standard:humor, 904 words)
Author: GodspenmanAdded: Jan 04 2015Views/Reads: 769/566Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
I can’t be young again but I can enjoy what God has put in front of me today.

I am not one to stay up New Year's Eve to watch some celebrity drop the
ball at Times Square at midnight. All year long I have to put up with 
people dropping the ball so I'm not going to make a special effort to 
watch somebody drop another ball. 

As for the Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage and myself we stayed home
New Year's Eve and enjoyed our own society. It's always good to have 
nothing to do and knowing that nobody will stop by and nobody's going 
to call us on the phone. A night with the cell phones quiet is like a 
night in the forest. Everybody is out celebrating the end of the old 

I think everybody has the right to celebrate in his or her own way. 

One thing struck both of us as we were reclining and drinking some apple
cider tea. Believe me, it's a rare occasion when the same thought 
invades both of our thinking space at the same time. She seems to 
always know what I'm thinking and I never seem to be thinking. 

She looked at me and said, “Do you know what I've been thinking?” 

Being a husband for as many moons as I have been, I know a trick
question when I hear it. Since this is the last night of the old year, 
how do I know she's not using it to get in one more trick question? 

But, it's the last evening of the old year and so I threw caution to the
wind (which actually hit the wall) and walked into her question. 

“No, what have you been thinking?” 

“I've just been thinking about how fast time flies.” And then she seemed
to stare into space. 

She had a good point there. I'm not sure which airline time travels on
but it sure does go fast. 

While I was musing, which isn't really that amusing, she then let her
thoughts flow. 

“Everything new seems to get old too soon. Just as soon as you get
something new, in no time it becomes old.” 

I suspect she was thinking of me when she used the word “old.” I didn't
say it, but I wanted to say, “Old is better than dead.” Sometimes it's 
best to keep your mouth shut especially when I'm with my wife. 

I don't say this too often, but she had a great point there. It's like
when you buy a brand-new automobile at the auto dealer. It's new when 
you sign the contract, it's new when you step into the car and smell 
the freshness, but as soon as you drive it off the lot it's an old car. 

We then started to talk about all the happenings during the past year.
Many things happen, some bad, some good. Then, for whatever reason, my 
wife brought out our old family photo album. Whatever possessed her to 
do that I'll never know nor will I ask. 

We began looking at some of the old pictures, but those old pictures
were new when they were taken. 

When we came to our wedding pictures, I was a little shocked. I didn't
know anybody could look that young. There we were, a beautiful young 
bride and a somewhat handsome young groom. The only thing we had in 
common at the time was, we were both young. 

Looking at those old pictures, particularly of myself, it hardly seems
possible that this old geezer staring back at me in the mirror each 
morning is the same young man in those pictures. Whatever happened to 
that young man? 

Then we went through the arrival of children and then grandchildren.
They were so young when they were born! Look at them now. 

As my wife closed the photo album, she asked a very simple question. “I
wonder what's going to happen this New Year?” That sure opens up 

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