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Any Day without snow is a good day (standard:humor, 903 words)
Author: GodspenmanAdded: Feb 22 2015Views/Reads: 782/632Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Most of the people who believe in global warming do not believe in God. Those of us who do believe in God, however, rest in the truth that this world belongs to Him and He is going to take right good care of it.

An ongoing conversation, let's call it a conversation, has been
persisting between me and the Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage. To 
say it is one-sided is, well, let me say, well, it is one-sided. 
However, that is beside the point. 

All summer long, I was explaining why global warming was something we
need to take care of, including the pros and the cons we are witnessing 
right now. 

It heated up a little when the snow started falling up north where most
of my wife's relatives live. The more they dig out of the snow the more 
the snow falls. Even Niagara Falls is frozen. They have not had this 
much snow in a long time. 

Now the controversy, oops, I mean, the conversation, was focused on the
weather. I was trying to explain to her what this global warming was 
all about. I was doing a good job until the snow started falling and 
refused to quit falling. 

“The earth is getting warmer,” I said with an air of authority. I do not
know where the air of authority comes from but it is not native to my 

“After all,” I said as I pushed my argument forward, “it's been
discussed on television and everybody knows if it's on television it 
has to be true. There are laws.” 

As I said, I was making some progress in my argument back in the summer
when things were quite warm. Then when the snow started coming I lost 
ground in this argument. 

“If,” my wife said quite sarcastically, “the world is getting warmer,
where is all of this snow coming from?” 

Well, I must say, she had me there. Where IS all this snow coming from? 

All of her relatives and mine who live up north have been snowbound for
the past week. It has been rather difficult for some of them, 
especially those who work for a living when they cannot get to work. It 
is difficult to keep the roads plowed open so the traffic can come and 

If the world is getting warmer, how come the snow is getting deeper? 

There was one very positive aspect of all this snow. It was snowing so
much in Washington, DC that the government was shut down for two days. 
The politicians could not get to work. I know it is only two days, but 
as citizens we have to take what we can get. A politician not in his 
office means that money stays in our pocket. So, “Let it snow, let it 
snow, let it snow.” 

Then, rather unexpectedly, I saw on television one of the proponents of
global warming, climate change now, was explaining all of this. 
According to him, all this snow is a result of global warming. 

I know you have to have a PhD in stupidity to understand that. I have
often wondered how many years somebody has to go in order to get a PhD 
in stupidity. It seems that the more they go to college these days, the 
more stupidity rules the day. 

I must confess that my wife got me to thinking, which is a rarity with
me. My father told me that the more you think the more trouble you get 
into. I am not sure if he was right or wrong, but I am not taking the 
chance. Thinking is off limits with me. 

However, she did get me to thinking. I began thinking this way; most of
the people who believe in global warming also believe in evolution. 
Now, if evolution is true and these people believe in it, what is their 
objection? Evolution is simply evolution, according to them, that is. 
The world is just evolving from one point to another and there is 
nothing we can really do about it. 

I must confess, I do not understand evolution. I do not understand
global warming. A lot of that stuff is just way beyond my pay grade, as 
they say. Furthermore, I am not going to spend too much of my time 

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