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Why Women Live Longer Than Men (standard:humor, 909 words)
Author: GodspenmanAdded: Mar 16 2015Views/Reads: 733/530Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Perhaps the primary reason women live longer than a man is that women lie about their age. But you didn't hear it from me.

There are all kinds of studies out there usually done by people who have
nothing more important in the world to do. It is amazing how they come 
up with these various topics and studies. There must be somebody 
somewhere, being paid to come up with the most ridiculous studies they 
can think up. 

Usually, I do not pay much attention to these surveys. I have more
important things to do... like living! However, this one caught my 
attention right away. The title of the study was, "Women Live on 
Average Four Years Longer than Men." 

I was afraid the Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage would see this
study. My fears were allayed when she brought the subject up and drew 
my attention to it. 

Rather smugly, she said, "Look at this article. It says that women live
longer than men." 

I was not quite sure what I was in for but I knew I was in for it.
Throughout the decades of our relationship the word "it," has come to 
mean a variety of things. I never know the definition of "it" until 
after the incident, which puts me in a great disadvantage. 

For example, I know I am in for "it," when I come back from the store
without the main reason she sent me to the store. The "it" is a tongue 
lashing on the merits of getting everything on the list she puts there. 
According to her, the items on the list are not suggestions but are put 
there for a purpose and that purpose being me purchasing said items 
when I go to the store. 

I know I am in for "it," when I lollygag (a word she uses often when
speaking to me) in the backyard instead of getting to the business at 
hand of mowing the grass. In this occasion, the "it" is a tongue 
lashing on the merits of mowing the grass in a more timely manner. 

I know I am in for "it," when I fail to do anything on her
"honey-do-list" when she is away for several days. The "it" is a tongue 
lashing on the merits of doing at least one thing on that list before 
her return. 

When I look at it from this light, it seems to me that more often than
not, her definition of "it" is a tongue lashing. 

Getting back to women living longer than men do, I was tempted to opine
that the reason is they work men to death. However, I knew if I said 
that I would really be in for "it." 

Being experienced in husband-lore, I smiled and simply asked, "Why do
you think that is, Honey?" 

I never really understood this matter of "the birds and the bees," until
I got married. Wives have their "honey-do-lists" and husbands defer to 
his better half as "Honey." It does not take a birdbrain to figure that 
one out. 

"I'll tell you why that is," my wife said with great feeling. "The
reason women live longer than men is that men don't have enough work to 

Then she threw an old quote that I have heard all my life, “Man works
from sun up to sun down, but a woman's work is never done." 

I could have said that men do not lollygag around, but just get to the
job at hand and gets it done. I knew if I responded like this I would 
really be in for "it." 

"Another thing," she said with a smirk, "the reason women live an
average of four years longer than men is it takes that long to clean up 
the mess men have made after they die." 

There are arguments you cannot refute and then there are arguments you
should not refute. I am not sure which category this one fell under but 
I knew I needed to have a "golden" moment. 

Of course, it is hard to argue with statistics. The cold hard facts are

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