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What’s Wrong with Having a “Blessed” Day? (standard:humor, 904 words)
Author: GodspenmanAdded: Mar 29 2015Views/Reads: 757/575Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
So, whoever you are, I say without any apologies whatsoever, “Have a blessed day.”

This week I heard of a place that always greeted people with, “Have a
blessed day.” I have heard that addressed to me and I have said it back 
many times. On the surface, this looks like a very wonderful, 
encouraging and positive thing to do and I am all for it. I want 
everybody to have a blessed day. 

Yet, according to the news (and they never get anything wrong!), a
certain organization was threatened with a lawsuit if they did not stop 
saying the word “blessed.” 

At first, I thought I was watching an old Three Stooges clip and started
to laugh, but then I realized it was a part of the news. They were 

As the Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage and I were listening to this
news story we both came to the same agreement. Believe me, that is not 
an easy thing to do. If I had a good memory, I might think of several 
times in which this has happened, but right now, I cannot think of any. 
Maybe things are changing for me. 

Both of us were a little confused by this action. We talked among
ourselves while the story was developing and we were trying to find out 
what part of “Have a blessed day,” was harmful or objectionable. I was 
reminded of the old saying, “Sticks and stones...” I was at the point 
where I was looking around for some sticks and stones. 

It seems to me, too many people do not have enough to do so they have to
come up with something and this is it. Complaining about certain words 
as if it was important. 

Objecting to certain words is, in some people's thinking (if you can
call it thinking), more important than dealing with crime throughout 
our country. For some people it is okay that the crime rate is rising, 
just do not use certain words or phrases. 

For some reason, some people associate the word “blessed” with some kind
of a religious connotation. After all, that word is used in the Bible 
many times. So, for some reason, this word is objectionable. 

I was trying to figure out what part of “blessed” was harmful and
objectionable. Obviously, the people objecting to the phrase do not 
know too much about the English language. 

One of the definitions of blessed is, “blissfully happy or contented.”
Who doesn't want to be blissfully happy or contented? 

My solution was to use the word “great.” Everybody would be greeted
with, “Have a great day.” I thought this was a good way to greet 
people, but then my wife brought in another objection. 

“They can't use the word great,” she said rather soberly, “because that
word is also in the Bible and usually associated with God.” 

She was right. The word “great” is usually associated with God in the
sense that we have a "Great God.” There is just no way some people will 
use a word that is in any way associated with the Bible or with God and 
I am not sure why. 

I have another phrase that could be used in place of “blessed.” Why not
tell people to have a good day? After all, is that not the objective 
every day to have a good day? What is wrong with good? 

But then, the word “good” is another religious word and it is also found
in the Bible. So, good has become offensive to people because of its 
association with the Bible. 

At this point, I got into a little trouble with my wife. Of course, that
is not something new for me. If trouble is not my middle name, it is at 
least my destination. 

“Why not,” I said quite cautiously to my wife, “tell people to have a
cursed day! After all, if they do not want to have a blessed day what 
else is there?” 

Well, did I get the lecture to end all lectures. I cannot repeat the

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