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I'd Give Her a Piece of My Mind If I Had Any to Spare (standard:humor, 904 words)
Author: GodspenmanAdded: May 03 2015Views/Reads: 736/617Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
I am going to protect my mind and use it wisely because it is all I got.

I do not know if grouchy comes with old age or if in old age you are too
weak to subdue it. I guess it does not really matter because I am 
having a little bit of trouble along this line. My grouchy seems to be 
getting out of control. 

I remember the good old days, those carefree days, days when I did not
let anything bother me. Oh, how I wish they would return. 

Lately, it seems everywhere I go I run into people that irritate me. It
does not matter if I am driving in a car or walking down the street or 
sitting in a restaurant, irritating people seem to be everywhere. At 
least, they seem to be everywhere that I am. Every time I turn around 
there is somebody irritating me. I am at the point where I am tempted 
to stop “turning around.” 

Driving across town the other day I ran into, almost literally, some
driver not watching where she was going. Barely missing her, I noticed 
she was talking on her cell phone. I am quite sure she did not even see 
me. I wanted to stop everything, get out of my car and give her a good 
piece of my mind. 

But I didn't. 

It took me a few minutes to settle down and quiet my nerves and so I
decided to go to a little café for a cup of coffee. Nothing seems to 
soothe my nerves quicker than a nice hot cup of Joe. Let them say what 
they will, coffee is my best friend. 

Fortunately, I was not in a hurry, but it still was a situation that
irritated me and stirred up the grouchy within. 

I was standing in line waiting to order my coffee when the lady in front
of me was trying to figure out what she wanted. I am not sure if this 
person had ever been in a café before, but she acted as if she did not 
know what she was doing or what she wanted. 

Then she did something that accented the positive in my grouchy. 

“Could I have a sample taste of that coffee?” she said to the person
behind the counter. 

At first, I did not know what she was saying. But he agreed and went
back and got a little cup and gave her a sample. 

“I'm not sure,” she said quite hesitatingly, “can I try another one?”
And pointed to one of the coffees she was interested in. 

I am absolutely positive that people should have the ability to make
their own choices. I have no problem with that. My choice at that 
moment was to give that woman a good piece of my mind. 

But I didn't. 

Finally, after tasting about 10 different coffees, she picked one and
finally I was able to order my coffee and find a seat and enjoy it. 

I say, “Enjoy it,” but it was rather difficult because my irritableness
just would not go away. After all, there should be some respect for the 
person behind you when you are standing in line. Especially, if that 
person standing in line is me. 

As I was sipping my coffee alone in the corner, some thoughts began to
rattle in my head. The main thought emerging was that grouchy may be an 
inherited condition. 

I began thinking of my father and his father and unfortunately, I did
not know my great-grandfather, but the two that I did know had a wide 
streak of grouchy in them. If my memory serves me correct, the older 
they got, the more grouchy became predominant. 

So, if grouchy is inherited I am really not to blame. Just thinking
about that made me chuckle a little bit. In fact, I began to chuckle so 
much that my grouchy ran away in fear of his life. And so he should. 

As I sat in that café enjoying my 2nd cup of coffee, I began evaluating

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