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Those Magnificent May Flowers (standard:humor, 913 words)
Author: GodspenmanAdded: May 17 2015Views/Reads: 717/533Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
The trials of life have a purpose that may not be evident at the time, but given enough time, those “April showers” will bring some of those marvelous “May flowers.”

The Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage and I were sitting on the back
porch admiring the close of the day. Nothing is more relaxing than 
sitting together drinking coffee, glad that another day has quietly 
slipped by. 

Out of the clear blue sky my wife said, “Aren't those flowers just

I grunted a little grunt of satisfaction to which she replied, “Which do
you like? The roses or the tulips?” 

Now I was in a bit of a predicament. I hate it when I get into a
predicament, which is usually not my doing. I like to get along with 
people and just agree with them. What I hate is when people ask me a 
question and I really do not have an answer. 

As to, which flower I liked, I really do not know the difference between
a rose and a tulip. To me a flower is either yellow or blue. That is 
the only different kinds of flowers I know. But not so with my 
gardening connoisseur wife. Every flower has a name and you had better 
give it the right name. 

As far as I am concerned, a flower is a flower. The purpose of a flower
is to enjoy it; enjoy its look and its fragrance. All I can say about a 
flower is, “That's a pretty flower.” 

This certainly is not acceptable to my wife. Every flower must be
treated with the dignity they have earned. 

When it comes to flowers, especially the flowers in our backyard, my
wife knows them all by name and their history from the time they were 
but a humble seed put into the ground. Personally, I do not have the 
time to invest in something like that. I find it strange talking to a 
flower. Talking to nuts, maybe, but not a flower. 

“You should learn to appreciate flowers, especially the flowers in May.”
At this point, I realized that I was in for conversation on flowers, 
whether I wanted to converse on flowers or not. Since I am a 
well-seasoned husband, I knew I just had to buckle down and endure it 
until it passed by. 

One of my favorite Scripture is, “This too shall pass.” 

“Don't you remember what you were doing in April?” 

Her question caught me by surprise. I was not quite sure what April had
to do with flowers in our backyard, but I was about to find out. 

“Don't you remember that in April you were complaining about all the
rain?” She said it rather sarcastically and I knew there was a point 
somewhere, but I was not getting it at this time. I did remember 
complaining about the rain. 

It seems strange that every time I want to do something outside,
particularly in the month of April, I no sooner get outside then it 
starts to rain. I know we need rain. Why can't it rain at night when I 
am catching some Z's? That is what I would like to know. Why does rain 
have to inconvenience me? 

If I plan for some indoor activity, it never rains. If I plan for
something outside it always rains. I am getting a little paranoid at 
this. I knew in a moment my wife would straighten me out on this one. 

“Remember that little rhyme that goes, ‘April showers bring May
flowers'? We have these marvelous flowers in the month of May because 
of the rain in April. I think you need to begin to appreciate the rain 
because of what it brings about.” 

Well, I did remember that old rhyme from school days. I just never put
any kind of practicality to that sort of thing. It is not that I do not 
like poetry; I just do not understand poetry. And, just to set the 
record straight, I have written my share of poetry. However, poetry, 
especially my poetry, does not have anything to do with real life. 

My mind was soon to be changed. I got a lecture on the whole dimension

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